Do weight loss supplements help you lose weight?

No, they are not. In addition to not helping, they are generally unsafe to take.

You have to think about what a pill does to understand why it doesn't work. At the most a pill or supplement will suppress your appetite.

That's a terrible way to lose weight!

If you eat nothing but junk food (this pretty much means 80% of the food you can buy at the store these days + fast food + cookies and ice cream) your body is very simply not getting what it needs to live.

What happens if you don't eat anything? You still don't get the nutrients that your trillions of cells must have to live. So whether you starve or eat junk food, your body gets the same message...which is that it is starving on a nutritional level.

That's not a healthy way to lose any weight if you ask me.

So what if you take a pill and it makes you eat less, what happens then?

Well, a lot of people may say that eating less = less calories = weight loss. I think the human body is so much more complex than that simple of an explanation.

What if you are eating less, but everything you eat is still garbage? What if you eat fewer calories, but those calories are filled with sugars like high fructose corn syrup that is in so much of our food these days.

Those foods cause your body to create more fat. They also cause a lot of other health issues, and it's just not any good. So now you are eating less, but everything you eat is a sugar that causes you to create fat cells.

And those fat cells make the hormone leptin, and that leptin is responsible for telling your brain to stop eating essentially. But those sugars also make your pancreas secrete a bunch of insulin to deal with the sugar, and that causes a whole bunch of other problems.

You can read about what happens to rats who had access to this high fructose corn syrup here if you want to --- A sweet problem: Princeton researchers find that high-fructose corn syrup prompts considerably more weight gain

So what if you eat less of really great foods, like fresh vegetables and fruits and healthy fats?

Well, in this case the problem solves itself and the question is a moot one. Your body will burn through fat pretty fast and without much effort at all when you eat like this, so the pill wouldn't help you anyway.

Pills are never the answer. I took pills for anxiety many years ago and ended up so sick and addicted to them it was unreal. Once I found a natural way to deal with the problem, I got off the pills and never needed them again.

Science is awesome, and we figure it can do no wrong. This is very true in some circumstances, but when it comes to man creating pills for things like weight's just not a good idea.

I'm sorry this answer is so long. I could have just said "NO" but I like to tell people WHY, because I have to know why when I ask a question.

You can learn about how I lost weight from eating healthy and nothing else at The Weight Loss Lie
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