Do white women find young Indian men attractive?

If you mean physically attractive, that would depend on the man, and on what the woman finds attractive.

But Indian men who make it to Europe or the U.S. are often in "smarter-than-average" professions, after studying hard for many years. Some women are especially fond of intelligent men.

Of course, there are cultural differences. Some women find this interesting, others prefer those with a more similar background to their own.

Gender attitudes: women in the U.S., and richer European countries, are more likely to prefer men with progressive attitudes toward women (equal rights for women and men, equal education rights, legal punishment for men who abuse women, and that the man is a gentleman himself.)

So if the woman finds other cultures interesting, and the man has a progressive attitude toward women's status, then it might work.

How to gradually get fit and healthy on my own

Step by step. You have to develop a plan, set out a schedule that fits you and stick to it. Progressively make the workouts harder; by adding more reps and increasing the intensity of the workouts by giving a time limit to complete them in. 

What kind of fitness videos can get more subscribers for a fitness YouTube channel?

Hello,Firstly you have to determine in what direction you have to go, there are various types of videos in fitnessWorkout Motivational VideosSpeech Motivational VideosFitness Educational VideosRecipe Preparation VideosAs soon as you finalise the category on which you have to work second step is to make sure you record best pixels which is 4K so that your video can set

Which is the best airport transfer for Liverpool Airport?

"If you are looking for an excellent airport transfer for Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LJLA) then you can find several service providers.  Liverpool is home to several excellence taxi service providers. You can find taxi services to Liverpool Airport form