Do women check out men who have nice bodies?

Women not only check out guys with great bodies- guys with great bodies definitely have much nicer sex lives.  But this can also translate into more babies, child support as well as STDs. This goes both ways- a hunk may end up with STDs and babies whom he would not have wanted- and a woman may end up with a lousy Dad for their kids.

My impression is that scheming to sleep with a hunk is not considered unacceptable in America.  Women will sleep with married hunks- for the sake of  bragging about it.

A number of hunks have children with women who sabotaged birth control.  Some think that the hunk will marry her- others just want to prolong the joy of having the hunk in bed for at least 5 years.

 One Manhattan woman sleeping with this Indian guy who was a body building champ in New Delhi.  She  had her IUD removed to get pregnant. The Indian guy was  "Vice President in Investment Banking" guy was going to marry her. She had rifled through his wallet to see his business card.

In reality- In many investment banks- VP is a title  that anyone gets after 1 years of experience.  This includes people working in HR- even Linux Administrators are supposed to be VPs.  If you are making 80,000 dollars in Manhattan and are sending 20,000 dollars home to help your family- there is not much cash left.

It turned out that she had twins, a complicated pregnancy and her boyfriend found out about the Birth Control Sabotage. He now works as an employee of his brother's company- and his brother pays him a pittance.  

She was forced to move back to Texas and join the welfare class in the Lone Star Stage. Last I saw her she had twins the second time with the same hunk- who was not going to pay her anything.

All 4 of her kids were born on Texas STAR- which is the Texas name for Medicaid.  She was also exploring food stamps.

It is partly cultural- In many cultures having an out of wedlock child is considered shameful- so a man does not feel any shame about how well he treats the unwed mother of his children.  The sisters, mothers and aunts of the Indian guy know about his 4 kids born out of wedlock- and dont care about it at all. They have not seen the kids, even once.

Checking out a guy is certainly reasonable- but being unethical is wrong.
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