Do women ever check out men's bodies?

Yes, but it works differently than you'd expect in my experience.

The things that help seem to be...

Confidence: You need to have confidence in yourself, and your appearance. You should stand up straight, and feel strong. You don't have to be he-man, just feel good and strong.

Body: Yes, it matters. You should be toned, and solid, even if you aren't showing off your body because you are in jeans + long sleeve shirts... you should have a body you are 100% comfortable with in shorts + t-shirt, if not less. Toned, and solid. You don't have to look like he-man... but being near a six-pack, and having visible arm muscles seems to be the edge of attractiveness.

Clothes: They call a tuxedo, male lingerie. From what I've seen, I don't disbelieve the statement.

Your clothes should fit, and they should fit the situation. I can tell you that when I went from ill fitting button down shirts, to properly fitting button down shirts with a GOOD undershirt, the difference in female eye linger time was... quite real. You don't have to show skin as a man. You need to show taste and skill.

Heck, I've had women react well to me in a aloha shirt, just because *I* decided I was going to rock it and own it! Note, the confidence. If you wear something that pulls attention you better step up your game!

"Wear your clothes, don't let them wear you." - If you aren't confident in a piece of clothing... don't wear it!

Posture: You should stand up straight, and proud. Nobody wants someone slouching. If you need to strengthen your back to stand up straight. Do the work.

Caring for yourself: Shower! Wear deodorant! Don't wear the same shirt two days in a row! Women notice, heck men notice. Don't be that guy.

In summary: Women look for VERY different things than men. You can physically, look a wide variety of ways and attract women. But these basic things seem... elemental. to men looking good.

Watch women watching sports... The #1 sport I've seen for women is baseball, because the men there check all the boxes I mention, and it is obvious. (In fact, easily the most "male" like objectification by women of men, was by women watching a baseball game.)

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