Do women get hornier after menopause?

There are many reasons a woman's libido may increase after menopause without even considering possibly favorable hormonal changes - here's just a few:

  1. no more concern about pregnancy - a tremendous burden and cause of anxiety, especially if a woman doesn't have access to very effective contraception or if the male partner refuses to wear condoms.
  2. no more risk of pregnancy = no more use of contraceptive methods that may decrease libido
  3. at this age the burdens of running a household and tending to young children - which typically the woman bears the brunt of even if she holds a job outside the household - start to ease up as children get older and leave the home. Less exhaustion, better sleep = improved libido.
  4. the woman's male partners in their 50's typically have decreased libido compared to their 20's and 30's - decreased pestering by the male partner especially combined with #3 means the woman in a relationship has a time to experience her own sex drive instead of going through the motions to please a partner.
  5. the woman may have a new partner - with the responsibilities of caring for children over or almost over there may not be the obligation to stay with a lousy spouse (or limit oneself to the spouse) and a woman may have a new partner who better meets her needs and is more exciting than earlier in her life.

There are various opinions about whether the hormonal changes of menopause by themselves can lead to increased libido - but my opinion and experience with patients is that it's the above psychosocial changes that are the primary contributions to women who suddenly experience an increased sex drive after menopause.

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