Do women notice what men wear?

Five things women notice about men even before they start communicating

They definitely notice what he's wearing and how he speaks to even his body language and good gestures.

If you want to probably wear a five day old shirt for a date, Don't ! Because she will notice in all likelihood, judge. Out may be she won't care, but she will notice regardless

  1. Your hair/beard
    • Women don't perfect un kempt or untidy hair.

2. Your nails and hands

Women usually like men with clean, short nails.

They also look at hands frequently and notice the kind of gestures you make with them.

So keep them clean and don't use hand for gestures to often. It's definitely distracting.

3. Posture

It is such an important part in person's personality.

If a man stands tall with his shoulders pushed back, he seems confident and in control of the situation.

But if you're leaning forward with your shoulders dropping sure, it's a sign that you're nervous or uncertain with low self-esteem.

4. Clothes

If your are shabbily dressed, that surely is not going unnoticed.

Be shabby, I mean clothes that look dirty or not properly worn.

Make sure you tuck your shirts in and your tees never crossed.

5. Body odor

If you come as a garbage heap!

Invest in good cologne or a deodorant that will definitely take care of your body odor

Natural hygiene matters,

Not at all difficult to achieve!

Source- Times of India

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