Do you always wear bra and panty?

When I am home I go commando. I once tried to not wear panties but figured out that it acts as a layer for the vagina discharge and sweat. I recently have stopped wearing bra just to experiment so here are pros and cons of not wearing a bra outside.


  1. It feels amazing.
  2. You don't feel suffocated
  3. You don't always have to be worried about your bra lines showing through your dress.


  1. For me, it gets really sweaty between my breasts. And there's sweat under my boobs too. Which can be annoying.
  2. Boobs bounce while getting down the stairs, running, when I take the scooty over the speed breaker.
  3. Nipples get hard and it shows sometimes. Makes me uncomfortable.

What are the best glutes & hamstrings exercises?

Most people will say squats BUT there have been multiple studies shown that squats do not active the muscle fibres in the glutes the most. The best exercises to target your glutes is hip thrusts. Making sure you always apply the concept of progressive overload to the hip thrusts and utizlue them through your workouts to activate

If your goal is to exercise 30 minutes a day, does it work better if you break it up into three 10 minutes workouts, two 15 minutes workouts or one single 30 minutes workout?

They will all have exactly the same effect on calories burned and fitness. But, if your goal is to improve stamina as well as weight management and fitness then the single 30-minute workout is best.Besides, any workout worthy of the name

Would intermittent fasting be effective for fat loss if I eat during a 9 or 10 hour window?

I think that there would be very little advantage in the regime you propose. It would help with insulin control but to a very small degree. This is why the usual recommended fast is 16 to 18 hours and even 20 hours.A mental picture for you