Do you avoid marriage because your parents got divorced?


I'm my own person. My parents divorced and my mum is forever saying how marriage is bad and how ‘all men are horrible' blah blah blah.

When I was younger, I believed her and then I met my partner. We have been together 4 years and for the first time in my entire life, I look at wedding dresses in wedding store windows and hope we will marry one day. We have discussed it and he wants to marry me too. His parents also are divorced.

As long as you don't rush into it, you get married once your relationship is very strong and you know eachother inside out, then it's absolutely worth going for. Don't be put off by others experiences. Your life is yours, no one elses.

If the President died, what would happen to the First Lady?

The Vice President, newly sworn is as President, would probably give the First Lady some time to stay at the White House before she left. Lyndon Johnson let Jackie Kennedy and kids stay at the White House for two weeks after Kennedy was killed.After that, the First Lady would return home, wherever home is. She would continue to

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Why would a child want six pack abs?Firstly, you do not state the age of the

How to lose belly fat after 50

My friend's mom, at age 67, has so far lost 13 kg (about 30lbs) of fat over the past 11 months. She has a sitting exercise bike planted right in front of the TV which she tries to ride for 1