Would the world really unite if the Earth were under the threat of an alien invasion?


So back in the late 50s and early 60s, a sociologist Muzafer Sherif had run the famous Robbers cave study. In this study, the scientists separate 22 eleven - twelve year old boys into two groups and have them compete for valued prizes as part of their summer camp activities. They observe the behavior of these boys and use it as a demonstration of their Realistic conflict theory.

At the end of the study, Sherif concluded that:

...because the groups were created to be approximately equal, individual differences are not necessary or responsible for intergroup conflict to occur. As seen in the study when the boys were competing in camp games for valued prizes, Sherif noted that hostile and aggressive attitudes toward an outgroup arise when groups compete for resources that only one group can attain. Sherif also establishes that contact with an outgroup is insufficient, by itself, to reduce negative attitudes. Finally, he concludes that friction between groups can be reduced along with positive intergroup relations maintained, only in the presence of superordinate goals that promote united, cooperative action.

For our Alien invasion scenario, the last part is relevant: he concludes that friction between groups can be reduced along with positive intergroup relations maintained, only in the presence of superordinate goals that promote united, cooperative action.

I would consider fighting against alien invasion and imminent destruction (or enslavement) of human race considered "superordinate goal" that could promote united cooperative action between previous in-conflict groups.

But, here's the caveat:

What if the aliens are clever enough and say "you know what, we don't care about all you developed countries, you guys a civilized and we're friends. Would you mind we send our team and help the developing thirdworld countries? Countries plagued with war and famine, like Africa, like central Asia... We're doing you a favor, taking care of those poor people."

Would NA EU and all the nuclear countries sit this one out?

What if then the Alien said "well, look at how great Africa and central Asia are now, we have put people in work, feed them and provide them with shelter. we have given them medicines, we have teach their children (sure the kids are learning our language instead of their own earth languages, but they're learning a superior civilization and culture). I know, you're not happy that we put them in camps and we ship large amount of people off-world, but they're not killing each other, surely that's an improvement. We're doing you humanity a favor! We have all this wonderful technology and we're going to expend our enlightenment effort to Asia and south America".

Would NA and EU and all the nuclear countries start to do something?

What if then the Alien said "well, we have enlightened the entire world except for your remaining filthy humans who refuse to accept our superior technology and culture. We're saving you from your own savage ways!"

"Then they came for me-and there was no one left to speak for me."

So, the answer would be "if facing overwhelming odds in a last stand, yeah, people will stand together. But if only one group of people are being treated poorly, then no, we'll not stand together".

*Aliens invade*

  • Donald Trump builds a huge wall around the whole of the U.S.
  • North Korea launch all their missiles and miss most alien aircraft, apart from one which plummets to Russian soil and the aliens from that aircraft start to attack the general public on foot.
  • Russia think North Korea did this intentionally and attack North Korea.
  • North Koreas main allie China bomb the shit out of Russia.
  • Russia bomb the shit out of China.
  • Whilst all this is going on, the aliens are laughing hysterically at how poorly humanity has managed to assimilate with itself.
  • Europe shit themselves and all dive into underground shelters they've been secretly building for decades.
  • UK regrets leaving Europe.
  • India is the only country left with a sizeable army that hasn't been destroyed or hidden itself away from the aliens. They attempt resistance but the aliens call for back up and finish off the job.

Actually-the typical image of aliens invading Earth, with ray-guns blasting away like in "War of the Worlds", may be totally wrong. It would also be wasteful and needlessly destructive. There are subtler and far more devious ways to "conquer Earth".

There is a historical precedent in our own history. And I am referring the the British conquest of India.

India was a mosaic of warring peoples and religions. Little states were constantly competing with each other. When the British arrived, they didn't go in guns blazing ( although they did do a little of that, in judicious cases). Instead, they interfered so successfully in India's internal rivalries, that soon they were in control. They stoked existing tensions between states, took advantage of rivalries and historical grudges. Allying themselves first with one party, while scheming with that party's enemies. The typical "divide and conquer".

One can imagine such a strategy succeeding today. By taking advantage of the rivalries existing between nations and groups in today's world.

They might even have a large group of human "collaborators" working with them, for reasons of sheer greed and opportunism.

When the British conquered India, most of the "British Army" in India, was actually made-up of native Indians. A native army (Sepoys) raised in the land itself.


Reagan gave a speech along these lines in the early 1980s. "I often wonder how quickly our differences would disappear if..,"

But what if it wasn't an attack but an overt contact. My own thought is that even this is unlikely while the present crop of political leaders is in power, and the social divisions are so deeply ingrained within our society.

A lot of experiencers tell me that contact is occurring at the grass roots level - one experiencer at a time. The change is occurring at a grass roots level, bottom up. If this idea is accurate, a result might be a "human improvement" of some type, possibly preparing us for more overt contact. Perhaps we might look for some sort of fundamental unifying (rather than dividing) social change in the coming 10 years or so.

Also, the large number of UFO incursions over military base, especially nuclear weapons facilities where they were able to disable the launch codes, tells me that "They" likely have an ability to overpower any military power we have. In short, they can do what they wish regardless of our military. If they wanted to invade or conquer us, they would likely have done so already.

So I would doubt their interaction with us would be overt and hostile. More likely any interaction would be within their ""Prime Directive ", changing us in the least intrusive way possible.

The above is extremely speculative but probably makes sense whether or not UFOs and close encounters turn out to be a bona-fide phenomenon.

Hmm. I often wonder the same. Would it really unite all countries?

Consider this hypothetical scenario.

  1. An alien spacecraft with malicious intent appears out of nowhere and hovers over North Korea.
  2. Countries including South Korea, Japan and United States form an alliance to fight the aliens. Given the status quo in North Korea, will these countries necessarily worry about collateral damage in North Korea when the war begins?
  3. Even if the allied countries try their best to limit the fallout from the war, will the North Korean regime ever be able to trust them? It only takes one push of a button by the mad leader in North Korea who misconstrues an unavoidable act of destruction as intentional misconduct by the allied forces to cause a worldwide disaster.
  4. How would the other forces react to North Korea's betrayal of trust?
  5. During the colonization of India, the British implemented the infamous ‘divide and rule' policy and pitted Indians against each other. If the aliens do something similar to rule our planet, it is hard to tell which country would side with whom.

In essence, the entire human race uniting against an alien race sounds like a romantic idea. But, as a species, we haven't even been able to reach a consensus on climate change. So, my viewpoint remains skeptical.

If the aliens would offer a possibility of aligning with them, it is almost certain that some people/nations would go for it. Depending on the military strength and ethics of the invaders, aligning with them might even be the best option for survival.

Things like this have happened in the past, albeit with 'other' humans taking the role of the aliens and the invasion being somewhat more limited in scope.
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