Do you believe in ghost or have you seen ghost?

I have many creepy incidents that happened to my near and dear ones. I don't know if there are ghosts in real. But these incidents are so creepy and puzzling. I want to share a few of them here.

Incident 1:

Back in the 80s, my father was constructing a building in the area called Porur in Chennai suburbs. Now it's no more a suburb and has become a bustling locality, but back in those days this place was secluded from the city and a good 20 kilometres away from Vadapalani, where we stayed. On this particular day, my dad had to stay back and discuss a few things with the engineer about the construction details, so it was about 11.30 pm by the time he started to home on his bike.

The road from this place to Vadapalani was a long winding highway where many accidents happen on a daily basis. At this particular time there were no vehicles passing, except some Lorries and buses travelling long distance. The road was deserted and empty. My dad hopped on his bike and started to drive down on this highway.

So, as he was travelling, some kilometers later, there was a man on the side of the road who stopped my dad and asked for a lift. There was no one else on the road at that time. My dad could see that the man was in bad shape with blood on his head and face. Immediately he stopped the bike and asked the person what happened. The man said that he had met with an accident and wanted to go to a hospital for treatment. So my dad offered to drop him off at the Vadapalani junction where there was a big hospital located. The man climbed behind him on the bike.

After about a few minutes into the ride, the man from behind put his hand around my dad's neck and started to pull him hard. My dad told him to ease his grip as he thought he was in great pain and he was trying to balance himself by holding onto my dad. But, my dad found it difficult to drive. The man agreed, and said he wont do that again. But then, in a matter of minutes, he again put his hand around my dad's neck and his grip got tighter and tighter. My dad couldn't breathe and he was losing his balance to drive. So my dad stopped the bike and told him that the man has to hold the bike's side because he was not able to drive. So the man agreed and he held on the bike's side railing.

Soon they arrived at the hospital and my dad stopped the bike and told the person to get down. There was no answer from behind. When he looked behind, there was no one there. My dad got down the bike and ran around looking for him. He was nowhere to be found. My dad says, he was sure he didn't fall down from the bike because he was able to sense him behind him all the time and he didn't sense any shake or vibration if that happened. He was so stunned that he stood transfixed for a few minutes not knowing what to do. Then he thought, the man was bleeding profusely, so if he was sitting there for so long, there must be some blood on the bike's seat. But as he looked for any evidence, he couldn't find even a drop of blood on the seat or on his neck.

My dad started the bike and came home straight. He was shivering and shaking when my mother opened the door. After narrating this incident to my mom he went to bed and was bedridden with high fever for a week.

Incident 2:

This happened to my mom. When my mom was around 12 years old, there was a popular trend going around. And that was, to summon a spirit for fortune telling purposes. This involved the usage of a kerosene stove. People would clean and wash the whole household and apply turmeric and kumkum to the stove. Then they would summon the spirit which they believed to be a good spirit with good intentions. But this would only happen if the person who summoned was a good medium. They will not come when any person summoned, but to only very few people who were a good medium. My mom once tried to summon at her friend's place and it came immediately. After this incident my mom became popular among her neighbors and they used to call her whenever they wanted to summon the spirit.

Such a spirit, when it came, would announce its arrival by lifting one of the stove's legs and stamping it down hard. It was asked questions, like the gender of the unborn baby, or whether a business will succeed etc. It would stamp once for no and twice for yes. My mom became quite interested and also immensely enjoyed these experiences because she was too young to realize the dangers involved and took this activity as a good pastime.

But soon, there were reports in the newspapers of some bad incidents involving this practice and people were starting to panic. A taxi driver reported that a white sari clad lady got into his taxi during one night and after some time he noticed she disappeared and a stove was in her place. Because of these stories, my mother's mom (my granny), banished this practice altogether and told my mother strictly to not continue.

A few weeks later, one afternoon, my mother was searching for her science text book, which she was reading just an hour ago. She could not find it anywhere. Her exam was scheduled the next day and without the book she would not be able to prepare. After about searching for an hour, she thought why not use the stove to find out. So she took the stove out without her mother's knowledge and asked it whether it can find the book for her. Without a moment's hesitation the stove started to move. It kept moving until it came to a place where my granny was sleeping on the floor. My mom was surprised because she searched all the places and why would her mother have her text book and not give her? But the stove moved near my granny's head and stamped down, stopping completely. So my mom decided to check it out. She woke my granny and asked her to get up. When my granny did, to their utter surprise the book was under her pillow.

The above incident frightened my mom and my granny, but they let it pass. Again my mom was strictly advised not to use the stove anymore and my granny hid the stove from my mom. After a few weeks, something happened that shocked both of them out of their wits. My grandma and grandpa were running a small eatery which was located at the ground floor of their house. As usual my granny was immersed in work at the eatery. My mom was upstairs and she was getting bored. So, for fun she touched the pen on the table and said aloud that if the spirit was there it should move the pen. To her shock, the pen moved a few inches by itself. This was a first, that things had started to move without the use of the stove. So she ran down to my granny and told her that things were moving by just her touch.

My granny was shocked but she wanted to know if my mom was saying the truth. So she asked my mom to touch a tomato that was on the kitchen counter. They said aloud, if the spirit was there, then the tomato should move. The tomato didn't just move, it shot up towards the opposite wall and hit it with so much force, it got squished. Amazed, they tried it on the kitchen door . The door slammed shut by itself with so much force that it scared the crap out of them. Now my granny thought these things could be their subconscious doing, so she wanted to test on something that was difficult to move. She saw the big basket in which the raw rice was stored. It was a wide bamboo basket, that could easily store 30 kgs of rice, which will require at least 4 men to carry it around. And it was full to the brim. My granny said aloud, if there was a spirit there then this basket should move. They didn't even touch the basket. Just said aloud those words. And the next instant the basket not just moved but started to swirl round and round a few times before coming to a stop. Needless to say this frightened my granny and my mom out of their wits, that they were shaking with fear. But this time my mom knew what they were dealing with. So she promised my granny that she would not summon it ever again and she didn't.

After many, many years when she narrated this story to us kids, we were so excited, that we begged our mom to do it once again just for us to see. She initially refused but with our constant pestering, she agreed. So, we proceeded to make the necessary arrangements. We borrowed a similar stove from our neighbor and we cleaned the house before summoning the spirit. But nothing happened. Even after our pleading and begging no spirit came. I remember being disappointed about it then, but now, to think about it, I am relieved it didn't work. Some things are best left to wonder than to experience.

I have many more creepy experiences, experienced by my husband, brothers and myself, which made me think that there may be some dark forces out there that we don't know much about. I will write about them some other time.

It was a benevolent ghost!

This was sometime in early 2000s, when me and a couple of friends decided to go for a camping trip at the outskirts of Mumbai and the foothills of Sahyadri range. The place is quite popular with the trekkers during the monsoon and is known as Rajmachi village.

If you wish to go by road, then Rajmachi is about 20 kms off the Mumbai-Pune highway, branching off from the popular Lonavala hill station. The other option is to trek for a couple of hours amidst the mountains after getting off at Karjat station. Both the paths are very scenic with seasonal streams crisscrossing the paths at multiple places.

We had decided to go by road and one batch left by car early on a Saturday morning. Me and another friend Anil Patrick decided to take a bike and join them in the evening. The idea was to camp out at the village, enjoy some barbecue, swim at the village tank and come back the next day post lunch.

We branched off from Mumbai-Pune highway at about 5 pm and took the village road, which was barely wide enough for a car to pass through. It was the first time for both of us and we wanted to reach the village before dark. We had less than an hour before the sun would set and hence began hurrying to cover the 20 odd kilometers of absolute kaccha road. Soon we were in the middle of the forest and barely saw a soul or two on on the entire stretch.

There were a diversion or two along the road and we took the path as per our previous instructions (this was pre GPS and in the middle of the forest there was no mobile network either). However after covering considerable distance, there was a niggling doubt in our head that did we take the right path. There was nobody, absolutely nobody on the road who we could ask. By now the sun had set and it was the last few minutes of ambient light.

Then up ahead we heard the sound of a bike saw its taillight just as it took the turn up ahead. We sped up, wanting to ask the rider for direction. At the turn, we again saw the taillight take the next turn. This happened a couple of times and we soon forgot about it, thinking that the villager must be in great hurry and knew exactly knew which rock or ditch to avoid. We continued chatting amongst us, appreciating the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Just as it turned dark, we reached Rajmachi village and turns out we had taken the right path afterall. Now, this village is the last one in that road (the mountain starts right from there) and there are no habitation before that for good 15 odd kilometres. It is a small village, consisting of about 20–30 hamlets.

We got busy enjoying the evening. Then somebody asked us if we had got lost and for the first timer how did we manage to reach this place without asking for direction? We said we just followed the initial instructions and then the bike ahead of us. Turns out no bike came before us to that village! In fact nobody has come through that road for the last couple of hours. Our friends were sitting in the first house of the village and had the full view of the road for the entire noon till evening. There was nobody who came on bike! This was confirmed by the villagers.

Then whose taillight did we see and follow for the last few kilometres?

My mom used to tell us incidents about her father who died in young age and came back as a good spirit on many occasions to help them.

We were told in our childhood to not get terrified of any ghost as our maternal grandfather is always around and will take care.

Once it happened that it was night and my parents , I and my elder sister were asleep. My elder sister was around 5 years old. She woke up and looked at the window. Then after some time she saw a cat standing on the cooler kept outside the room adjacent to window. The cat started meowing . She was looking at the cat while everyone of us were sleeping.

Then the cat started meowing louder and louder. My sister got terrified and then clinched my father and told him that there is a cat outside the window on the cooler. My father looked out through the window but he could not see anything. He consoled her that there is nothing, to which she said it is right there. Right there. She could see the cat violently meowing looking straight at her but none of my parents could see anything.

They turned on the lights and still my sister could see the cat but not my parents. Then the cat jumped on to the bed and literally attacked her. And started scratching her hands . She was crying in pain but my parents were just consoling her that nothing has happened. My parents could not understand what was making her so terrified and were very confused. There was nothing in room but she was just as if she is facing a real wild cat and totally terrified. She was crying in pain and terror.

Then there came the spirit of my maternal grandfather into the body of my mother. She spoke in a loud voice, ' Nothing will happen . I wont let anything happen. I won't.'

Then it all went fine. My sister got calm. She went down normal.

'I ran a lot. I ran very fast. I just did not let it touch my child. I did not let anything happen.',said my mother but who was actually my grandfather.

Then everything went ok.My parents understood all what had happened and it was gone now. And we all slept.

Next day my sister was looking at her hands to see the marks made by cat but nothing was there and she was bewildered and could not understand all what had happened all due to her tender age. This incident still gives me goose bumps.

There are a few more Incidents when we have experienced the coming of our grandfather's spirit. I will write about that some other day.

My most horror or paranormal experience was when I was a kid somewhat of 8 years. I went to the typewriter shop to get some of my mom's document printed. I went to his shop. There was noone in the shop. Just there was darkness all over. I got freaked up and decided to go back. Suddenly someone pulled me from behind. I screamed and suddenly the lights came on. An old man in his 70s was standing in front of me. He asked me what are you doing here son? I told him"Grandpa, I want to get these files photocopied." He said OK. He silently took those documents and went inside the room. After about 10 minutes he came back. He gave the duplicate documents to me. I gave him the money. He didn't take them and said what would he do of money. I smiled and wished him goodbye. After coming back to home. I told my experiences to my mom she was shocked and didn't utter a peep. After 4 days me and my parents went to the home of the photocopy shop uncle. He was a friend of my father. In his house I saw the picture of the same old man. I asked the photocopy uncle about the photo. He said that he was his dead who died in the same photocopy shop somewhat 5 years ago...

I've had two experiences with spirits or those you refer to as ghosts. I didn't summon them or give any kind of invitation. The incidents were actually while profound and moving also sentimental. They weren't frightening in my experience. The last one was of seeing my father months after his death, which was last year. While very sad, it also comforted me tremendously because his last visit to me was one in which he was joined by his mother. He was content and vibrant but also reassuring saying the process of dying was like falling asleep and then truly waking up.

I know there are those who don't believe me, this or things about ghost or spirits. They haven't had an experience and want something they can measure in terms of science. I can't encourage people going out to test or experiment by summoning ghosts, etc for sake of validity or experience.

I can only say if possible, try to keep an open mind, if you can.

Yes, I had many direct encounters with ghosts, demons or negative energies bcoz it is part of my work to cleanse the person, places from the evil effect of these dark forces.The first encounter was when some enemy had done, very powerful black magic on me and the effects started showing up on me like frequent nightmares, no sound sleep specially between 12 am to 4am and low energy levels in the body. After analysing the situation for a few days, I was aware that something like this has happened and I need to sort this out myself, as I continued my spiritual practice despite all this and in order to challenge/obstruct my practice, one day, she came .........I was sleeping at night and it was around 4 am and I felt a presence in my washroom and just to clear my doubt, I checked it and what I saw, shook me for a second. I saw a female form in red clothes, looked like a red saree or cloth wrapped around her body, her mouth full of big teeth coming out in all directions and after looking at me , she stepped back for a while and then I challenged her, to come forward and test her evil power, if it can overpower the power of God. And after listening to my words, she appeared in front of me carrying a earthen pot ( handi), which has been used at the time of death of a person, in Hindu rituals. I was not terrified by this as I already has a clue about it and my spiritual practice gave me enough strength to counter these forces. She accepted the challenge and almost jumped on me to kill but instantly I started reciting a powerful mantra and her grip over me started loosening and her red saree/cloth came off and I can see her red petticoat and blouse. She was tall with height of approx 6 feet and full body (later I came to know, she was sent from a City in Punjab). As soon as I started the mantra again she was dragged automatically outside the main door of my house and thrown out violently because of the mantra. But she was fed well by Blood offerings , so she came again back to my room and jumped to catch my neck with her claws and again I managed to contain her energy and caught her neck by my powerful hands and I desperately wanted to show her the end, in a split second, I recited the mantra of Lord Hanuman and as soon the mantra showed effect, the negative force started to squeeze off and she started to shrink in size and shape and at the end, her neck was left with only the backbone, which I broke and tore away using my fist. Before her end, she gave me the clue, from where it was sent and who was behind the Demonic attack.

Second case, I was helping a person with the issues in her life and I was chatting on what's app and suddenly her response changed and turned to abuses and threats to leave her alone and stop helping her in a masculine way. Then he wrote " ab tu chat band kar de kyunki wo ab so Rahi hai, disturb mat karna". It happened a few times but I continued to help her and asked about her past. She used to say that she is a mystery and there is no need to know about her. Later she told me that her father died when she was just 3 and she is from a good family but she had to see a lot of family issues due to which she had a scarred childhood. Once, when she turned 13 and was returning home with mother and relatives, they passed through a road near crematorium where an old lady was crying on the dead body of her son, the body was covered by a sheet stained completely in blood. She just froze after watching the scene and her relatives had to drag her home as she almost lost her senses and then fell ill. After getting treatment for many days, she felt better but never recovered fully. This continued for many years and sometimes see spirits/souls, which nobody else can see and once this unknown, scary looking cloud of smoke passed through her body, when she was going to board the metro at metro station. After spending hours in counselling her, things were coming under control and one day, when I went to sleep, I woke up at night and saw a tall, black and smoky structure standing away at the door of washroom and staring at me, however it was not able to come close to me but later in a chat he told me that he is not alone but many of them staying with her and that was the reason, she felt strange perfumes near her out of nowhere.Third case, again I was working with a person who had been effected by evil and despite protection, this evil entity sneaked in my room and when I woke up at night and saw a monstrous big black smoky figure running towards me and grabbed my one leg but not able to lift it and then tried to grab my waist by his claws but it was too late for him as the mantra already took effect and he had to leave.

There are many more similar incidents but I think, these examples are enough to give you proof of these evil beings but one must always remember that these are nothing in front of the Supreme Divine forces. So always trust God and the power of God

This event took place about the mid 1970's. I was working on the electrical system of a Restaurant Called "The CAFE" in Kensington high street London sw7 in part of the building which used to house barkers department store in the 1930s opposite where the Present store now is, called ladymere house.

All the customers had gone home it was the early hours of the morning & I had just turned all the power & kitchen fans off But all building lights were on. I was standing in the kitchen doorway when I glanced towards the rear stairs, I saw a man Wearing a boiler suit with a old fashioned type of shirt collar. I then went back into the kitchen, a few seconds later I remembered That there was not supposed to be anybody in the building, looked Back & saw that he had gone he did not pass the kitchen door so he must have gone down the dead end staircase to the toilets. I went to the cash desk at the front of the restaurant where the manager & a security man were cashing up, telling them what I Saw. They deadlocked the front door & locked the till & Went with me to find the man who they said must be a customer. The only other exit was a fire door with a push bar on it at the rear of the restaurant where I had seen the man, it was locked With a padlock & chain on the doors & the alarm system was switched on, so had anybody touched the door a siren would have sounded. We searched the place I such a way that no one could have hidden or doubled back the man was never found, nor could he have left the building in any way without setting of more than one burglar alarm system. I think that he was a workman who died there in the 1920s-1930s? When I saw him I did not feel worried or fearfully in any way & only thought it may have been a ghost or whatever later, had I known I would have asked him many questions!

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