Do you believe in the existence of a god?

No I don't, and this is why.

When I was very young, I saw there were many different varieties of religious beliefs. Some had one god, some had several. Each religion started in its own part of the world and despite their differences, believers all thought their particular religion was the one true version of reality. That began to make me suspicious that maybe they were all imaginary.

I since learned that religion is simply a normal part of human behavior, and belief in higher powers comes naturally to the human mind. There are other reasons as well that organized religion arose among all human cultures, though each developed its own unique dogma.

There have always been atheists, people who simply didn't have much attraction to or need for belief in gods. I appreciate how some religious believers can't imagine a universe without a supernatural creator or how someone could not believe in God. That's OK with me, I don't think you're stupid, even if you think I'm nuts.

So for me, there's enough physical evidence out there to explain how everything in the universe came to be (even the universe itself) without the need for a supernatural creator. That fact, plus knowing the workings of the human mind, made my mind conclude that belief in God made no sense. Each one of us is unique, and we're all on a continuous spectrum of belief in God that goes from none to strong. If we can all respect that fact, and each other, we should get along fine.

Does the human body have any natural defenses against carcinogens?

It depends on the type of the carcinogen.  Viral, chemical, bacterial, radiological, UV, etc.We have barrier defenses - skin and mucus that protect from a wide variety of carcinogens.  The digestive system can destroy some ingested carcinogensThe liver can destroy many chemical carcinogens. The immune system can kill viral and bacterial

Where can I find a low cost lawyer for an expedited and uncontested divorce?

First, there are NO low cost divorce lawyers. Secondly, if your divorce is uncontested and you live in California, you really don't need a lawyer to get through the divorce process. This article offers a great discussion about why or why you may not need to hire

What will happen if I exercised vigorously and consumed nothing but 120 grams of protein per day for two weeks?

you will feel terrible because you do need some fats and carbs. Vitamins and minerals really start to hit you on day 3, constipation is not an issue till you finally realize its the worst of these things from your lack of fiber. You will probably prefer rocks.If you want