Do you believe in the possibility of extraterrestrial life?

Yes. I believe in the possibility of extraterrestrial life. First, let's define these deceivingly simple concepts.

To be possible means that there is no scientific law we know of that precludes it.

Extraterrestrial life is life that originated somewhere other than Earth, as opposed to Earth-based life that we somehow seeded on another planet – for example, contaminants (bacteria, viruses, other) that we may have inadvertently sent to Mars or elsewhere in a sort of reverse panspermia.

Life is the most difficult of the concepts to define. We know it when we see it, but there is no universally accepted definition. A self-sustaining chemical system capable of Darwinian evolution is a reasonable working definition. Notice, I did not say Carbon-based or DNA. That would be true for life on earth, but perhaps alien life forms have evolved based on Silicon or Phosphorous. Life as we know it requires liquid water. A pretty good bet for any life, but who knows.

According to some estimates, there are at least 200 billion galaxies in the observable Universe containing 10^24 planets. Given those staggering numbers, without being completely geo-centric, I find it exceedingly difficult not to believe in the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

Now, the real question is how probable extraterrestrial life is? You may have heard of the Drake Equation:

N = R∗⋅ fp ⋅ ne ⋅ fℓ ⋅ fi ⋅ fc ⋅ L , where:

N = the number of civilizations in the Milky Way where communications are possible

R*= the rate of star formation in the Milky Way

fp = the fraction of those stars with planets

ne = the number of planets that can potentially support life for each star that has planets

fl = the fraction of planets that could support life that develop life

fi = the fraction of planets with life that develop intelligent life - civilizations

fc = the fraction of civilizations that develop a technology that releases detectable signs of their existence into space

L = the length of time for which such civilizations release detectable signals into space

It was developed to stimulate dialog on the number of active communicative extraterrestrial civilizations there might be in the Milky Way. Of course, with a data point of just one – Earth – some of the assumptions have no statistical significance and are therefore just conjecture, but if we lop off everything after the variable "fl" (the percentage of life forms that go on to develop intelligence and the percentage of those that release signals into space), we would have an equation predicting the number of planets with currently existing extraterrestrial life – in our galaxy. We could then increase R∗, fp and ne to calculate the number for the observable Universe.

If your question is whether extraterrestrial life exists simultaneous with humans looking at the heavens, then we need to reduce the probability by one hundred million or so to account for the fact that most life forms would likely have existed before the tiny few hundred year sliver of the age of the Universe in which we have been exploring space (assuming a uniform probability distribution). We'd have to reduce it further to take into account the chances they evolve after we go extinct. And further still since the chances we would be able to detect non-intelligent life forms (giving off no extra-planetary signals) far from Earth is pretty low given our current technology. So, the longer our civilization sticks around and the further into space we can "see", the higher the probability we will discover extraterrestrial life.

Until then, I believe in the possibility of extraterrestrial life, and I believe it is highly probable. I think the probabilities drop off for intelligent life and drop further for intelligent life existing contemporaneously with us. But given the staggering number of planets in the observable Universe, I think that number, too, is cause for optimism.

Do you believe in aliens and why?

I belive intelligent life exist elswere in the universe but i dont belive they are visiting the earth

There are millions of galaxies out there. with millions of solar systems each. to belive that there is no other planet among the untold billions of planets that exist that does not suport intelligent life is rather unlikely.

We can't say anything for sure. We can't prove that alien life does not exist. and we can not prove that it exist untill we found proff that it does. But asther probably is an almost unlimited number of solarsystems with planets out there it would be really strange if NONE of them had any form of intelligent life.

But i do not think they come to the earth and stick things up earthling butts.

For that to be the case they have to be more advanced than us MUCH more advanced. There might be more advanced aliens out there but we have no evidence for it.

And the mind bogglign distances makes it unlikely they can get here. if we are not wrong it is not possible to travel faster than light. But lets say some aliens have managed to make spaceships that can travel in 99.99% of the speed of light

The closest star besides the sun is over 4 lightyears away so it would take 4 years to reach the earth.

Thats not that long but we have no indications that there is any higher forms of life there. so they probably have to come from further away.

there are lots of solar systems that are thousands of lightyears away and even further.

That is so far away its hard to understand. but lets explain it a bit it takes 1000 years for the light to pass between earth and a planet that is 1000 light years away

This means that if we pretent that an alien race today made a telescope that is soo effective that they can actually look at the earth and see people here. the light takes 1000 years to even reach them. Meaning that what they would see there today is what happend on earth 1000 years ago. so they could maybe actually see the battle at stamford bridge in england that happend 1066.

You have stars and planets that are millions of lightyears away. so if you take a planet 65 million light year away and they could watch the earth through a super telescope today they would see dinosaurs. as they light takes 65 million years to reach them they would see the earth as it was for 65 million years ago

And if we are not wrong when it is impossible to travel faster than the speed of light. then you begin to imagine how long time it would take for them to travel here

from a star only 1000 lightyears away it would still take over 1000 years to reach the earth if they could travel at 99,999999% of the speed of light

I do. Space is big. Really big. The likeliness that the earth is the only planet to house life is not statistically probable. I'd give you the actual statistics, but until we find life elsewhere there are no statistics to be had. I believe that another alien planet houses life, or at least has before. It may have all gotten wiped out by now, but I prefer not to think about that. I do not doubt extra terrestrial life exists, not one bit.

I like to think about meeting that race. Teams of scientists would gather to try to decipher their body movements and distinguish between their emotions, while the other race would probably do something similar. Once they could understand positive and negative emotions, they could start making progress with language.

Unlike just about everyone ever, I do not believe our first encounter with aliens will be shootey-shootey bang-bang. Think about it this way: space is dangerous. There are so many ways things can go wrong on a spaceship that will kill everyone. NASA is more focused on researching ways to make it safer than it is on making weapons. The other race would probably do the same. I would give the first contact a ninety percent chance of being peaceful. What comes after, depends on whether or not the two races accidentally release bio-weapons on the other's poor and defenseless immune system.

So now that I've gone over all that, do you think I believe in extra terrestrials? Hell yeah. I'm just upset I'll never get to meet one.

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Are there alien species in the Universe?

DD, your: "Do you believe in the possibility of extraterrestrial life?" is a logical question.

Answer: Certainly. Here is why: do you think whatever is going on in the entire universe (estimated now to be about 2 trillion galaxies), all advanced intelligence is all wrapped up in one package: humans on earth?"

Investigator Claims 'Ufo Wreckage' Is Evidence Aliens Visited The Earth 250,000 Years Ago

I don't buy into the fiction like Erich von Däniken espoused. Yet, probability is sided with something other than humans existing intelligently somewhere other than earth. And more than probability sides with advanced intelligence already has existed before humans today. And perhaps when interpreted correctly, what existed before is/has attempting to help us/mankind.

If i may, let's delve further into the advancement i propose to humbly help.

Please, lend me your attention for this, and i suspect it be logical for you if you be the few of truth and logic. Ponder this answer from a perspective of knowing what we know now while imagining there is a billion times more intelligence coming.

1st-Imagine an intelligence society beyond our own, let's say similar to humans' and our intelligence in about 2 billion years.

2-And this civilization with others knew they could not physically make it through the accelerating contraction of the universe, the cycle of the universe or the ‘fire' per se, and continue through to what will be beyond: the universal contraction into a singularity, to big bang-spreading to again, then be the universe existing similar to what exists today.

3- In knowing this, the intelligent societies asked "So, how do we gain eternal (life) or existence through the coming end of our physical existence to then emerge on the other side?" And by such foresight, to question-understand-advance, they gained insight and ability to exist (existence via intelligence transfered) beyond their physical existence.

4- With their intelligence, similar to our advancements to come/discover our societies/intelligence will as it has, figured out how to make it through to have seemingly eternal existence/life.

And perhaps, self evidence of this is playing out presently when understood and interpreted correctly in accordance with logic, truth and gravity.

If you understand how to interpret what is being observed/availed/revealed, the answers follow logically. This is similar to the ‘redshift' is mis-interpreted to mean expansion of the universe; certain issues/facts explained must first be logical and understood to validate the coming/other intelligence/advances.

If the fallacies (expansion etc) are not revealed/understood, any truth can not take its/deceit's place; this is a self evident truth in society and persons.

Humbly with that, a glimpse of the answers relating to how/where/what/when of "Do you believe in the possibility of extraterrestrial life?". These words of logic attempt to spur your imagination as much as your hope....these are exciting times you live.

Serving to help advance science, the greater importance is to questions like yours. When you/others understand, its gets extremely exciting about what advancements will come, yet, we experience little more excitement in time than now.


I think it's possible that there is life on other planets; scientists speculate that there may be living organisms under the ice on Europa, but if there is life on any of the planets in our Solar System it will most likely be microbial.

I don't think we have been visited here on Earth by extraterrestrial humanoid beings with advanced technology. As much as I would love it if there were real Vulcans or Na'vi or Wookiees, I don't think that such things exist in any practical sense of the word. What I mean is, that we have no way to physically visit anything outside our own solar system at this time, and there is no hard, objective evidence that extraterrestrial aliens have actually visited us; all the claims are very subjective.

If in a thousand years or so we develop a means of visiting other solar systems in our galaxy, then we might come across alien life forms. But these life forms might be so different from us that we don't even recognize that they are alive and possibly intelligent.

Numerous episodes of Star Trek explore that possibility: that intelligent minerals or bacteria exist, but their feelings, language, culture, ethics and morals are so entirely different from ours that we can't relate to them at all, or even recognize that they have these qualities.

If we get to a point here on Earth that we can have intelligent conversations with dolphins, ants, octopuses and tardigrades, then it will be very much like communicating with alien life forms on other planets.

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