Do you believe nothing, created everything?

Absolutely not. I realize that this is the current position of highly respected scientists, but I think it is one of the stupidest things ever invented to "explain" the universe, and completely UNSCIENTIFIC. There is nothing whatsoever "scientific" about it. they cannot prove it and they cannot demonstrate it. they simply do not want to admit the existence of God, period. So instead, they say something incredibly stupid, like "NOTHING" created everything. One person took great offense to this once and suggested that I "Just don't understand", using the old trick of implying that, if I disagree, I'm just "not smart enough" to comprehend their imaginary "advanced" thoughts. Religious cults DO THE EXACT SAME THING. You know, this reminds me of an old story by Hans Christian Anderson, about the King's New Clothes. Remember that?

Though science is blessing to the mankind but it's sometime shit. It simply denies anything that it can't answer.

Simply....if you wanna feed yourself you need to cook first. If you need a child you need to first let your sperm link with egg.

Everything happens becoz of some reason. Climate is changing coz we're burning fuels.

Nothing can be created from nothing. Even nothing is something.

If Earth was created it was the reason of collisions. If universe was created it was the reason of big bang ( though still a theory ). But even if you go with big bang , there was something before that outburst happened. That something was somewhere and it was occupying space.

You can't go to a location if there is no such location. That outburst had to reach and go outwards and it could go outwards only if there was something outwards.

Now that intense energy in that tiny volume with high density had to be created by someone. It can't be there for no reason.

This question forks up to only two possible conclusions, and one big question mark.

The first conclusion is: Yes, Nothing created Everything. But if so, then how do you explain the contradiction of this analogy with the first law of Thermodynamics which states that:

  1. The law of conservation of energy is that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transferred or transformed from one form to another (including transformation into or from mass, as matter). The total amount of energy in a closed system never changes. Energy in a system may be transformed so that it resides in a different state.

This law states that nothing clearly cannot create everything, or Anything for that matters, BUT, it can be the case that there is no such thing as "Nothing" in the first place. It can be that Everything is already "existing" in a dormant state and just manifestates itself into existence by changing states.

The second conclusion is: No, Nothing cannot create everything, therefore some force larger than all the observed universe exists and did create all that you can and cannot see including yourself.

And the big question mark would be: We Don't Know! :) it's a maybe, not a yes or no answer..


Creation with such precision of balancing the 4 forces (their strength, sequence of their existence, etc.) demands an Intelligence with extreme knowledge and power to achieve all this.

The Bible says that the heavens exist because of God's dynamic energy, thus it wasn't "from nothing" that the Universe came into existence. Rather it was from God's own infinite resources that creation came from.

  • (Isaiah 40:26) 26 "Lift up your eyes to heaven and see. Who has created these things? It is the One who brings out their army by number; He calls them all by name. Because of his vast dynamic energy and his awe-inspiring power, Not one of them is missing.

‘Nothing' can't create, so no.

Do I believe that the matter in the universe emerged spontaneously from a state that we would describe as ‘nothing'? Well, ‘believe' is probably too strong a word. I have no first-hand information, and no particular interest in the subject. But if you ask me for an opinion, I will take the consensus expressed by researchers who have actually studied cosmology and examined the data, in preference to that expressed by people who like to believe what they read in old books.

  • We don't know how ‘something' could come from nothing, but we seem to be learning: Quantum foam - Wikipedia.
  • But we don't know how ‘something' could come from gods, either, and after more than five thousand years of religion we're no closer to knowing than when we started. Saying ‘I believe Mr Powerful can do anything, so if I don't understand how something is done, I'm going to claim Mr Powerful did it' doesn't amount to any explanation at all.

Produce Mr Powerful, and you will have a case. Till then, for my choice of explanation, I'm going with the experts.

Not one single person on this planet, in all of the history of humanity, has proven to know the answer.

No matter how many times people ask this SAME QUESTION over and over and over, the answer will remain the same.

Nor atheists nor theists know the true answer.

MAYBE there is some lonely farmer or cave dweller knows the answer, but has yet to make it public. ;)

What I believe matters little to nothing. I'm more worried about global warming, North Korea intentions, employment issues, salaries, the life and future of my daughter, etc... If we keep destroying the planet and such, then little will matter. Guess then, we will know if we are worm/fish food or in a heaven or reincarnated or other.

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