Do you believe that Skynet will conquer us and be evil and super dangerous?

The computer that takes us over ... will be us.

We all have computers in our skulls, and we use them. We make tools to enhance our meat computers, but I don't think computers would know what to do without us.

There's this game I played once called Engine Heart about a world of robots post-humanity. We all played robots still running around in a world where all the humans were gone. Slowly realizing the jobs they gave us are not doing any good any more. The forklift whose backup noise no longer matters. The elevator who doesn't get to go to the top floor any more. The government application form printer who's running out of room to store their (human) job application forms, so the floor collapses.

We'll be gone. And the machines might just keep running without us.

No. Reson is simple. You cant imagine the processing power needed to hack most systems. It would be much esier to conquer us by means of business. But by then the Skynet would figure out that machines that run on water and grass are very useful.

SO I guess it would make world peace. Got rid of military. Invest whole worlds resources to space technologies. And then left us behind.

Professor Stephen Hawking was afraid of this very thing. An artificial intelligence might come to the conclusion that humans are, by and large, rather more harmful to the planet than helpful. What would it do about that? If it harms us, that does not make it evil. As Spock said, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one." The many, means, Planet Earth and all its inhabitants, not just the humans.

Do you think Tesla should partner up with another automobile company why or why not?

I don't think Tesla should partner with a traditional auto company.Main reason is traditional auto companies just don't get it yet. It's not who they are.For example, traditional auto companies will never think to create a tent city to increase

If a good-sized meteor hit the Earth, would there be enough debris thrown into space to pose a serious risk to Earth's orbiting satellites?

welllll if the meteor had enough power to blast debris into space and orbit we would either not be around to see and notice it or we would be too busy trying to survive to notice. but if you have debris colliding into a satellite it would knock it and

What did Nostradamus predict about the USA?

Nostradamus prophecy on 9/11 is all known.Here are some of the prophecy that he made on USA:1.Nostradamus foresighted the assassination of John F kennedy, The 35th president of The United States Of America:"The ancient task will be completed From on high, evil will fall on the great man A dead innocent will be accused of the deed The guilty