Do you believe that everyone is struggling to get by in their own personal way?

Everyone has their own problems, I have never met anyone yet who has lived a perfect life.

Every single person will encounter something in their life that will cause upset and will test them to solve it.

There seems to be a growing number of questions here on Quora regarding how questions are answered and the " goody two shoes" that give a positive spin on things or portray themselves to be perfect.

Personally I see nothing wrong with being positive and since I came here first almost a year ago Quora has changed and not for the better.

Its no wonder Quora are monitoring personal messages here and if it continues like this it will just become another facebook, except much worse.

I am getting fed up getting snide remarks on personal messages about how I have answered some questions here and to be truthful its not that much fun anymore.

I did not come here to judge anyone or to dissect someone else's life and pass judgement on them. I came here to escape from my problems for a while, to answer questions in my way, if you don't like what I write then just block me and you never have to read anything I write again.

I have met some nice people here and I love reading their answers to questions and I have met some fruitcakes and I don't need that level of negativity so I have blocked them.

The people I like and admire here are the ones who want to help other people, the people who pass on their knowledge, the funny answers that make me smile, the animal lovers, the people that give good advise from experience, I even read some of the fashion gurus writing.

I see nothing wrong with trying to be a better person, I see nothing wrong with being positive, I see nothing wrong with being sympathetic to another's person's plight.

We all struggle with our lives and sometimes I read a story here that makes me sit up and say I have a lot to be thankful for.

Should I train my upper abs, lower abs and obliques on different days or should I train all of them on the same day?

See there is no upper abs or lower abs.abs are one group of muscle first.You can't break one every day it means it will not get repaired and It will not regrow second.As you said your core is strong so