Do you belive in aliens? Why or why not?

In my point..We humans are slightly wrong about the Alien concept...Actually the term alien- What we thought was an extraterrestrial living thing. But actually Humans from the future are the aliens. What we thought all these days -Alien came from a nearby celestial bodies,but not, they are from future. I have the proof -If you go through the Evolution of Humans, our next stage has several features which are related to the physical appearance of the aliens tillnow known about aliens, like- "In future the humans will lose all their hair, lose their fingers,become weak ,lack their immunity, increase/ decrease in the size of skull , increase in height,most important of this is they are knowledgeable". All these appearance were relayed to the appearance of the Aliens.. So what I am thinking is Our next stage in humanity were the aliens. In future our next humans will use highly advanced technology to go to the past.If You have the idea of time travel then surely You will believe this ,for time travelling they need ships which can travel faster than light,so they built ships in such a way like sharpen at the tips, which help them travel faster than light. If you could travel at a more speed than a light,then you could definitely see the past. So in my opinion What people sawing nowadays are not an extraterrestrial bodies,they are just #OUR NEXT EVOLVED HUMANS.

What was your favorite childhood fable?

This is a fable we were taught orally, it has been put to music all over Greece, with many versions, just as myths were, true to the tradition, retold in many different ways.It is from the Greek medieval time period, showing the us the toughness that was used

What's so wrong about magic, when science and magic used to be the same thing?

It wasn't "derived from" alchemy.The scientific method was the process that washed away all the bullshit from the process of finding things out, ie. the alchemy, the astrology, and the general quackery.Sure, even if you do random things you'll end up with some usable result once in a while. But if you use a reasonable

Does light travel fast because it doesn't have mass?

It travels at the speed it does because it is just a field disturbance, not an actual thing that moves. Sometimes we need to think of light as something we call a