Do you enjoy living where you live?

A big big Yes :)

I am currently living in Sainte Anne De Bellevue, Montreal, Canada.

I love this place because:

  1. It is hell beautiful and peaceful ( away from downtown Montreal)
  2. It has a beautiful canal where two lakes i.e. Saint Louis and Lake of two mountain merge.
  3. It has lakeside restaurants where you can sip a cup of coffee or beer or can have your favourite meal while watching beautiful serene. I always buy myself one pizza and have it by the lake.
  4. It is so green and full of nature.
  5. Above all it has Mac Campus of Mcgill University which is also very beautiful.

Here are some of the pictures:

Mac campus

It's nice. It's a small city, just the right size. It's quiet, not much trouble or crime, and the people are quite friendly. It's not crazy diverse but it's just right, I suppose. In the summer and fall it's nice to go up to the northern parts and enjoy the outdoors. The only downside is that there's not much to do besides that and the usual go out to eat, see a movie, or the mall. And the malls are very meh. And for students looking for extracurriculars like taking lessons, it's a little more difficult because there's not many offered. No one offers any Arabic or Mandarin lessons, or archery. Basically all the things I'm interested in. The closest ones are all in Boston.


I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Although it's not perfect, I do like living here. In fact, at one point in my life my wife and I were both working purely electronically, so we could live anywhere in the world where there was an internet connection. We were already based in Cambridge. After a pretty exhaustive search/consideration period, we chose to remain in Cambridge. (To be fair, inertia played a role in that. If we were coming from a different place, we might have chosen someplace else.)

Anywyas, what do I like about Cambridge? Well...

  • There are a ton of smart people. Cambridge is home to MIT and Harvard. The greater Boston area is home to a ton of other great universities. There are a ton of technology companies that draw fresh grads from these universities. There's just... action. Smart people doing smart things.
  • It's socially/politically progressive. Sometimes referred to as "The People's Republic of Cambridge," the city responds aggressively to social challenges. I don't always agree with the outcomes, but I'm overall glad that people are at least attempting to tackle problems, rather than ignore them or pass the buck.
  • It's small and densely populated. Cambridge proper is about 6 or 7 square miles. The size makes it easy to walk/bike to a lot of places, and the population density supports a lot of interesting places to walk to. The greater Boston area is kind of a variation on this theme. As major metropolitan areas go, Boston is pretty small, but it punches far above its size in terms of places to go and things to do.
  • I like my neighbors and my neighborhood. Granted, this isn't really Cambridge-specific, more like my-street-specific. But I have regular social contact with my neighbors 2, 3, and even 4 or 5 houses down. That's unusual in many places, I think. (I certainly didn't have social contact with my neighbors in other places I've lived.)

It's not perfect. I hate the weather. I hate that there is precious little to do after hours. I kind of hate how expensive real estate is. I recognize how lucky I am to live in the house I live in. It's 2 beds, 1.5 baths, and 1250 square feet (or about 100 sq. meters, for foreign readers), with a small back yard big enough for a table and a BBQ. It would be nice to have a little more room. It'd be nice to have a guest room. It'd be nice to have a proper office (... not the functional but makeshift office I have in the basement). It'd be nice to have a play area for my kid that isn't right in our faces. It's be nice to have a driveway to park a car. (If I had that... I might get a car!) But a house that I just described: a reasonably-sized three bedroom house with a driveway/garage would probably go for about $1.5M in Cambridge. So until I win a lottery, we're happy to have what we have.

Yes I do !!!

  • I enjoy fresh breeze and sun rise in the morning from my balcony.
  • I enjoy seeing old couple holding hands and going for morning walk.
  • I enjoy the place where I live. Every shop is accessible, groceries, restaurants, bank, temple and most important, a juice shop.
  • I enjoy my evening walk with my one year old daughter, showing her vehicles, people on road, shops everything.
  • I enjoy gardening in my balcony.
  • I enjoy chatting with neighbors, who were very helpful and feed us with tasty dishes occasionally.
  • Me and my daughter enjoy playing with neighbor's dog.
  • I enjoy going to terrace at night time to get a good view of city.
  • Mostly I enjoy the greenary around our place, which is slightly more than any other area in the city.
  • I enjoy the aroma of dhoop stick(incense) coming from my opposite house, in the evening.
  • I enjoy sitar tunes occasionally coming from oppoite flat.

By this time you may get the picture. Yes! I am a home maker and I live in beautiful surroundings!!


I live in haryana which we all know is near to Delhi. Well being a girl iam restricted to do many things. It's not that my parents don't like it but well the society is more concerned about myself.

For eg- once I asked my parents that I want to go for morning joggings at 6:00am in the morning. They allowed!

After few minutes a news flashed on the screen of my dad's Mobile.

A 6 year old girl kidnapped and raped while playing in the park!!!!

We people from Delhi are not shocked about it cause 2–3 rapes are common to be heard in a day.

But then limitations restrictions started getting imposed on me!#

You can't go to the park I am sorry dear.

Overall, yes. I live in Tampa, FL. I'm from a small town in Illinois. I also lived in a few places with the military, and in Texas.

Florida isn't the paradise that everyone who isn't from here seems to think it is. I thought it was paradise before I moved here. There is around 20 million people here and the population in my county (Hillsborough) is slated to grow by 1% in the next year. There is pretty bad traffic and a lot of morons who don't know how to drive... It can also be hard to find a good paying job if you don't have some sort of higher education. Now onto the good stuff.

  1. It never gets cold. We have some days where it's "cold," but nothing like what I experienced in Illinois. It can get cold at night and in the mornings, but by noon it warms up to at least the 70's on those days.
  2. There is a ton of outdoor stuff to do. There are beautiful beaches, state parks, national forests, some shops to walk around at, quite a few farmers' markets, and lots of fishing to be done.
  3. The Floridians are pretty nice people. There are more people who aren't from Florida than people who are from here. Me included. If you go to the panhandle or even north of Hillsborough County, you'll be in the south. While there can be some rednecks, most people are generous, welcoming, and helpful.
  4. There are some pretty good universities here. We have USF (University of South Florida,) University of Tampa, UCF isn't too far, and UF isn't very far either.
  5. Tons of history. Go to Ybor City and experience some of the history that Tampa has to offer. There are remnants of old cigar factories, coffee shops, and it's a wild place at night to party.
  6. There are lots of dog parks. It makes sense since the weather is so bearable in the winter time. Summer is hell, but winter is a great time to take your dog out and let them run wild at the dog parks or beaches.
  7. Tampa also has an international airport and there is a port for cruises. It's really easy to travel.

So while Florida in general might not be perfect, I have done pretty well here. I came here out of desperation, so I'm trying to make my situation better. It's a struggle, but it's happening. If you make the best of any area you're in, you will be happy. It won't have everything you like, but focus on the stuff you do like.

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