Do you enjoy your life? Why?

I guess the life is not just about enjoyment. It is about the experiences and memories that make life beautiful.

I understand what made you to ask this question. I am myself going through a tough phase in life presently which is not in my control. Practically speaking life is not about just happiness it is about getting through (not escaping) many situations in life. Make every situation in life as a experience that you cherish either it is a happy moment or a sad moment.

For Example: A person who is very dear dies. We just have to cherish about the moments spent with that person rather than weeping about it. I know it is so much pain but that is what life is all about.

Just accept everything love, hate, sorrow, happiness, pain, relief. Even if there is a situation where you have to cry a lot then just cry till you are satisfied you will feel your heart being lightened. All these are just moments and reactions to our moments accordingly.

I am not being spiritual here, I am just being simple.

Stay simple with life.

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