Do you enjoy your work?

When I started my career, I did not know how important it was to enjoy work. For me, at the age, money was all I needed from my job. But as I spent more years in corporate, I realized how if one does not enjoy work, every thing else does not give lasting happiness. So, I paused, asked myself what I really enjoyed, what could be my fulfilling career and how I could get there. I took a break to go for my studies and took an initial salary cut after my IIM-C MBA to get into a job I loved. Today, I am happy I took that stance. I enjoy my work and feel passionate about every contribution I make to the world through my work.

What types of exercises are excellent at helping me lose weight?

Assuming that you are basically healthy, any exercise that you can do for a long enough time at a high enough level of intensity so that you are a sweaty mess, gasping for breath, and so exhausted that you cannot continue and could not start again even at a lower level of intensity

Is there a way to work out without getting muscle?

I think the nature of this question needs to be talked about first.What are you afraid of?What do you not want?Most people who do not want to get muscle from lifting weights do not want to get

I did love marriage without my parents permission as no one was agree with this marriage. Now my life become hell. Everyday I feel isolated. What should I do?

your life became hell because of the wrong choice. Not because you married against your parents permission.Even arranged marriage with your parents consent also can go wrong.Only mistake what you did is you could have waited and convinced your parents if you want to