Do you ever feel a crash after being happy?

Yes, every time. Not everyone's peak and crash is as extreme as others' but it's very common that our mood runs in a cycle related to the amount of serotonin in our brains. Perhaps the only people who don't experience this have a milder ebb and flow and/or they are habituated to it, and that's the solution: Try to get used to objective about your own mood, that's related to what they now call mindfulness.

The important realization is that, while the extreme feelings are visceral and core to our personalities, they aren't reflective of our real situation in life, our satisfaction and physical comfort which are what really matters. The chemicals that make up your mind are doing the best they can, ride out the lows, take some St. John's Wort and look forward to the next bull market! If the peaks and crashes are severe enough we call it manic-depression/bipolar disorder and medication can help. But managing it yourself if possible is the best way IME.

What frustrates people in school?

Behold, I present to you all the daily struggles of students:Revision provided by Maths Teacher for upcoming tests:Q1- If Jen has X amount of apples, and 3 of them are rotten, form an equation for the amount of good apples Jen has.Ooo nice and simple...Q2- Find the value

What daily quick exercise can help reduce belly & thigh's Fat?

Exercise Workout Plan.. Stay Healthy And FitAerobic Workouts at Home for a flat, sexy tummy.....Aerobic Workouts at Home for a flat, sexy tummy.....As now  days every 4th person is facing the problem of having big belly, this is mostly common in people who spends most of

If I have a child with my second husband, will it upset my 15 year old and 17 year old from my first marriage?

When my brother and I were 16 and 14 my mom had a baby . Yes, initially we were a little jealous but you get over it quickly and learn that the new baby is a chance for you to be responsible sometimes...and its a little ridiculous to be angry at something a third of