Do you ever have a cry just to feel better?

Quite frequently so yes! ^.^

I just want to share something random but I've been binge-watching this adorable yet action / adventure anime on Netflix (Fairy Tail) and have been glued into getting to know what the animation is about whenever I'm feeling dull. Not only this show is comedy-based and more for teens / college kids but it really demonstrates crucial lessons when journeying with new friends, visiting new villages, and discovering ones' quirks that they may see as flaws.

Not sure why but it really makes me feel like I'm 13 again as my life was more simpler and less stressful at the time and always been the sensitive type of person that cries. That depends on the music, a character's expression, and the messages being put out.

There's NOTHING wrong with crying and should BE mandatory to do so whenever you have the urge to let alone going through a nostalgic episode. This also includes the male readers that think it's unmanly to show such affection or even watching adorable anime like Fairy Tail. :3

What is monetary value of a restaurant owner's time?

I assume you're trying to produce a ROI-calculator for a Groupon-like service and need a simple formula for $/hour to account for an owner's time. If they are showing up in your calculations (and your customer's purchase decision) then they are effectively working as a general manager

Have you ever encountered a rattlesnake?

Can you spot the rattlesnake in this picture? Hint: It's near the bottom. Look real close and you'll see its rattles and thick coiled body in the grass.

Who came closest to conquering Europe, Hitler, Napoleon, or the Mongols?

There are many good answers here which also show that it is not easy to judge what criteria must be met for having conquered a country or region.But I agree with the opinions stating neither Hitler, Napoleon nor the Mongols did best.I am of the opinion