Do you ever regret being a father?

Not for one second. Not when I was up all night with a sick infant and had to drag my ass into work the next day. Not when I had pee and poop all over me from trying to change a diaper, nor when my kids waited until I removed the diaper before they decided to urinate uncontrollably all over the place.

Not when I had to rush them to the hospital with cuts, bruises, sprains, and broken bones and spend the evening in the ER waiting, then having to drag my ass to work the next day.

Not when the school called because there was an incident and I needed to leave work to address the situation.

Not when my kids told me they "hated" me for grounding them or denying them a privilege or opportunity to attend a questionable activity.

Not when I had to send them to rehab for treatment because they fell in with the "wrong" crowd and got caught up in troubling behavior.

Not when they asked repeatedly for funds to continue their education or cover "expenses" that they were unable to pay for and I knew it was due to their irresponsible handling of money.

Not when they ran off and married someone questionable only to come home again after the divorce broken and miserable.

Nope! Being a father, husband, son, friend, colleague, and productive member of society is who I am, and I wouldn't change it for all the money in the world.

What's something you wish you never learned?

"knowledge is power." they say knowledge can be a double edged sword, aiding you and harming you. the lesson of CALORIE COUNTING is something I wish I never learned. it's addictive, it's harming, it's damaging to your soul and body, it's self loathing, it's self harm, it's your whole life revolving around a number that determines

What is the most memorable teacher you've had?

The first teacher that came to mind was my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Baily. She was so gentle and kind with me. She knew my parents were fighting at home and cut me slack. She made a big deal out of my accomplishments and I always felt special around her. The following

Do you prefer to live alone or with someone?

To find the answer to the question that has plagued every broke college student, we will break down the good points of each option.Lettuce begin!Living AloneYour macarons are safe.You won't argue about every little thing in the house.If I want to cover the