Do you ever use cracked Microsoft Windows systems? If yes, do you fear that you will be sued some day in the future?

In the terms of and unlicense system?

Yes. I am running a unlicense Windows 10 installation in a VM on my Linux system.

The main reason for it being Windows and it being unlicense is, that is use it to test stuff. Also I use it if I need a tool but its windows only.

I also use that VM to write open-source software (or was using it for that).

BUT I still have the Windows Pro (7 and 10) license that came with my PC before I installed Linux. But I dont want to use that License in a disposable VM, it can cause me to loose that License I might need some time.

Also I will keep using unlicense Windows systems for testing and developing (open-source software only) as the system is virtual.

And I do not fear getting sued as the VM is disposable and gone with one click. If the VM is there no longer, how can Microsoft sue me? They wont have any proof I ran a unlicense version.

In the terms of downloading a thing that gives me a illegal license?

No. I am not running such a system, and I have never done so.

I never ‘cracked' any software so far. Yes I used Demo versions and reinstalled them when I needed them again. (I did not buy those software as I was testing it and not using it for productive/payed purposes.)

Also: Don't run a cracked software if you get payed for using it, pay the devs so they can make the software you get money from.


No I dont use ‘cracked' windows and I do not fear getting sued.

I am a kid.

When I was 4, my dad bought an used computer. And he and my uncle were addicted to piracy. Pirating movies, music, softwares and OS. They also fooled me by thinking it's legal. But, at the age of 9, I understood what is piracy. I soon started buying video games with the money I get. Honestly, piracy is a drug, we do it once and we never stop.

So, whenever I told my dad to install updates, he would fear. Luckily, my other uncle told him about what I was saying.

He finally decided to stop.

Now, I have a legit digital copy of Windows 10 Home Single Language.

Though, my parents still download music illegally. But I either buy music, or download them through my carrier app.

So, I hate PIRACY!!!

It's that one weakness of India that cheap persons are proud of, as they will never change.

A few years ago, I bought, from Microsoft, a copy of Office 2010 (it was on special offer so I got it cheap). It was the download version, I stupidly didn't bother to pay the (small) extra for the discs. More stupidly , I lost the email with the licence key in.

When I came to install it, I found the key was missing, and telephoned Microsoft for the key. I was told that because it wasn't a "proper" retail purchase, they wouldn't give me the key. They wouldn't give me a refund either.

The solution, of course, was to obtain a pirated key from the internet which workes perfectly. When I pointed this out to their telephonist, the response was just mumble mumble, do what you want, mumble.

This is one of the reasons why I have zero respect for Microsoft and see no reason why I should give them my money. (The fact that Windows 10 updates will delete software I have installed is another). Provide good customer service, I will happily pay. Treat us like dirt, expect the same in return.

No, I don't use pirated products. Not out of fear of being sued - that's not a significant risk, let alone the primary one.

I don't use pirated/cracked products because of the real risks - first, there's the denial of service risk that exists because a software update could render the hack that bypasses activation useless.

Second, and probably the greater risk, is the likelihood that the pirated software also contains Malware, such as viruses, root kits, key loggers, etc. that make using the software hazardous, with impacts far exceeding the cost of legal licensing. Remember, cracks are developed by criminals - they usually aren't altruistic, there is an angle for them, and it will be you that's paying the price.

I went into a computer shop, and loudly proclaimed: "I want to buy a copy of Windows!"

They laughed.

After they realized I was serious, they told me how much it costs.

I laughed.

End result: everybody involved had a good laugh.

I don't use any cracked software anymore, I pay for my games, I pay for my music, I pay for my movies and books, but daaaamn is M$ greedy... I live in Bulgaria, money doesn't grow on trees here!

Yes, but I'm not afraid of that. I don't think I know a single person who actually bought it, but everyone uses it, it's the leading OS in my country(and in the world). This implies that government buys it a lot, for schools, for hospitals, etc. Also, businesses buy legit windows and tools for their work. See, it makes a lot more profit for MS to allow copying, as this way it gets users who might actually pay for it...

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