Do you guys believe Samsung is more innovative than Apple?

Apple is pretty rare.

It has been the company behind about 5 world-changing, disruptive innovations.

AppleII - first consumer oriented personal computer.

Mac - first consumer GUI computer

iPod/iTunes - digital audio player, with associated music store

iPhone - redefined ultra-person computer / communications device

iPad - redefined personal computer

Apple has in addition, a great many more innovations and inventions, but its not clear if they qualify as truly world-changing.

Samsung, on the other hand, has none. Zero. I counted. Twice.

What would they be? A slightly larger screen on a phone? A fingerprint sensor that doesn't work? A television where up and down channels on the remote are the opposite way round on screen?

Samsung may yet get around to changing the world with a product. Either disrupting an existing product category, or starting an entirely new one. But it has not done so yet.

Samsung is good at coming up with novelties. But novelty is not innovation.

Samsung without a doubt! Apple is great at innovating current inventions and packaging them in an easy and simple ecosystem, or well they used to.

Most people forget that Samsung is more than just a mobile company. They are a leading player in creating smart home appliances such as their Family Hub appliances:

Hmmmm, thats a good question. I am a staunch apple user, we use almost exclusively apple products here. However I dont see a lot of innovation from apple any more. What we have seen from apple recently has been taking technology which has been innovated by other companies and (i dont like this word because it isnt strictly true but as near as damn it) perfecting the technology.

For example.

iMessage was years after Blackberry messenger, but Apple have made it an entire experience.

Touch ID was in Motorola phones 2 years before an iPhone, but in iPhone it went from fĂ­nicky to working pretty much seamlessly.

These are the sort of things Apple seem very good at doing these days.

Yes I do, In the world flooded with tech devices, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. With the help of smartphones; we can perform different tasks efficiently and communicate with people all over the world. There are hundreds of smartphone manufacturers in the world but two names that have been creating headlines in the business with their high-end designs and latest features are Apple and Samsung. The competition between the two companies has increased a notch in 2017 and we need to understand the global sales trend to estimate the sales of both companies this year.

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