Do you have any code used to check if your phone is tapped?

If your phone is being tapped by law enforcement agencies, they typically have the telco make a digital copy in their own system of all traffic going to and from your phone. Thus there is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary going on in your phone, and nothing you can do on your phone will reveal this copying.

There is as such no code to check. If your phone is tapped? But, by some things you can check it.

For example,

*keep eye on your phone activity

*if you see anything that starts without your permission then there is something in it.

Do middle school teachers form a bond with their students during or in after school programs?

Well, I can only answer for myself, but yes. I liked supervising lunch or after school programs/clubs because it gave me a chance to get to know kids where there was less pressure. During regular school hours I was always having to

In the near future, will electric cars replace diesel cars as the counterpart to petrol?

Will electric cars replace diesel cars as the counterpart to petrol? The answer to this will be hugely different depending on which country we're talking about. In many European countries both diesel and petrol are seeing their final days of being sold from new. In the UK

Which offer to choose, Google or Apple?

Finding the best team is far more important than deciding the best company, especially between Apple and Google, which are both great companies to work for.  Being on a good team in one is better than a bad team in the other.