Do you have any tips to go to the gym all days without missing any day?

Thanks for the A2A.

It is not a good idea to train every day especially if you are weight training, when I just did cardio I trained for 22 hours over 6 days with no problems, but with weights your body needs time to repair and recover. If you are just starting, then I agree with Keano Kata 3 days a week is a good place to start, I follow the StrongLifts 5×5: Get Stronger by Lifting Weights only 3x/Week programme at the moment. I aim to do this for 6 months, I add sets of dips and chin-ups on the non-bicep days, and end the workout with 30 minutes of HIIT and 45 minutes of core exercises.

After a couple of weeks of training, going to the gym became second nature, I did not need any tips or tricks to get me there, I naturally wanted to go.

How much time does it take to lose 1 kg?

You can lose 1 kg really quickly, and all it takes is a little focus!I've tried dozens of exercise plans, diets and even meditation. What I've found to be the most successful at reducing weight is simply changing your food intake.

I eat far more calories than 2500 a day and I do not put on weight while having a sedentary lifestyle. Why is this? Where does it all go?

You're basically describing me. I ‘run hot' and have previously been known to heat rooms just sitting idle. My body temperature is normal, though, and I'm not a giant. When I go on calorie restrictive diets (the only time I track my intake) I lose fat very quickly

Do you think your Math makes you feel smarter in every field of life?

Yah.. Not only me. Every single person feels smarter in our life from math. We are using math in every single thing in our life. But no one can understand this.. I will give u some examples.Shaping up with everyday maths.