Do you have anything to hide on your phone?

The answer to this question is concise and boring - no. However, I don't mind sharing a story which explains why I always keep my phone locked, outside of my IT background and slightly paranoid tendencies.

My husband and I don't have anything to hide from one another. We have always shared security codes and passwords for simplicity's sake. Until "The Incident."

One evening we were hanging out together at home after work but before bedtime. Our child was already asleep and we were enjoying the quiet. Or so I thought.

I left the room to get a glass of wine and when I returned my husband was on my phone. I didn't think anything of it, picked up my book, and began to read again.

Then I heard a cough/laugh noise. I looked up. It was my husband. He might have been clearing his throat so I went back to my book. Then I heard something like a snort-giggle - you know, when a person is cracking up so much they snort through their nose before they can actually laugh. It was my husband.

"Honey, what are you doing?" I asked. "Oh, nothing," he responsed. Curious. So I asked, "Sweetie, what are you laughing at?" He said, "Just some texts." At this point curiousity was getting the best of me. Laying my book aside, I asked, "What are they? Who are you texting?" He said, "Just some texts from your friends." Then I remembered he was using MY phone. So I asked him for the phone. He said, "sure. Here ya' go," and handed it back.

I read the texts, there were loads, maybe around twenty. All my friends were responding to texts that he sent out saying, "Ladies, I'm the luckiest woman around. My husband is just amazing! How did I get so lucky?!" They were figuring out that it was him because his responses to their texts were becoming bawdier, alluding to his talents and prowess, which is NOT something I would text about. Since the friends were sending texts at this point saying, "Neil, give Lori her phone back," I didn't feel the need to get involved. I believe I frowned at him and said something like, "You seem very proud of yourself. I hope you had fun."

I resumed my book.

The next day, I checked my Facebook account and it was BLOWING UP! He had put similar posts on Facebook that were much the same. People were going bananas and having a great time with it.

So I cleaned up that mess and changed the code on my phone. He has never had it since. My child LOVES the idea that he has full access to my phone and his dad doesn't.

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Is there a way to block access to the dark web on a Chromebook?

unfortunately there isn't deep web addresses change every few days so it would be impossible to block it and you shouldn't be worried you cant access the dark web on a chrome book without installing another os on top of chrome OS something like Ubuntu or kubuntu or Linux so you are perfectly safe.i hope this answers your question