Do you have to exercise to lose weight? I have no time

Every so often, someone "needs" to reinvent the wheel. They come up with a new twist on weight loss. Superfoods (acai, kale, quinoa, etc.), low fat, no fat, blood-type diet, gluten-free, no carb, low carb, 100 mile diet, etc. Then the folks at Coca Cola "discovered" exercise as the cure for obesity. Again. It's not. But saying so made good copy and great marketing for expensive, colored sugar-water. The pills and potions are another ‘cure' for what ails you, "melting off the fat". They're not either. Everybody wants fast and easy. Uh, NO.

Easy is doing what nature intended. Eat enough, not too much. How much is that? Each of us has a different situation, but at the end of the day, having too many calories of food (and drink) energy will end up padding your body. And your body loves having more padding.

Exercise is great for improving your fitness, both physical and mental. So, while you lose the weight by eating a little less than you need, you get stronger, more agile, and have a better attitude. If your aversion to exercise is from negative experience, what games did you like when you were young? Pick them up again. Sports are a trick to get you to move more. And the more you move, the better you end up feeling. Maybe just start with a walk in the park and see what happens from there.

But your question poses a different problem- priorities. Nothing is impossible unless you say so. It's amazing how some people can actually get things done when they believe it must be done. It is easy to put things off, and equally so to say something doesn't matter. YOU decide your priorities. And even the act of ‘not deciding' is a decision.

Food is the number one component of weight control. Exercise is a very distant second. Eat less than you need and lose weight. Eat too much and balloon your weight. Choose wisely.

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Is it right that if we have to gain muscles we have to lift light weights?

Nope... Not at all. I was thinking the same. But lifting light weights will increase the endurance of muscles. You will not lose your muscles that you have built up already when you lift light weights for more reps. But if you want to add some bulk to your body go HEAVY

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At the beginning, you should focus on increasing your stamina. To increase your stamina you have to incorporate carbs into your diet, which can be done by eating healthy and avoiding junk food. There are some food items which contains a good amount of carbs which are as follows:BananaPeanut butterTofu paneerCoconut waterCoffeeWalnutThese items will increase the starch and