Do you know how to cook?

Oh yes. I started cooking at a very young age - around 7 or so. My Mam suffered badly with arthritis, and so she would tell me what to do, and how to do it. It's stood me in good stead as an essential life skill.

I find cooking for family and friends a very rewarding thing to do. An expression of creativity and of love. There's a lot of satisfaction to sitting down to a meal you've made with people you like.

Whilst at university a significant number of my friends couldn't cook. People whose parents had allowed them to get to 18 years old without being able to do anything more complex than make toast. I even had an ex who had, at the age of 27, never prepared a meal from scratch. Since leaving home she'd survived on ready meals and the works canteen.

I think everyone should know how to cook, just like everyone should know how to clean their home and clothes, perform basic household repairs and do basic first aid. It's such an essential skill for life that I can't imagine not knowing how to do it. You don't need to be able to prepare a banquet, but you should be capable of safely turning raw ingredients into tasty and nutritious meals.

I always cook by just using my intuition xD

You only need a good tastebuds to taste your cooking, a good eyes to observe whether your food is overcook or not, and a good nose to sniff the food haha :p

and don't forget to bring your logical thinking when you starts heating up your stove. I mean like, cooking is about balance for me. Whatever ingredient that you put in your pan, you want them to be tasted in each bite. And don't forget to keep your food healthy as possible. Not too much sugar, or salt, or even oil (unless you are using Olive Oil then there's an exception).

Last but not least, HAPPY COOKING! (⌒‐⌒)

I like to think I can cook just about anything. The only consideration I usually apply to excluding a particular dish is do I have the time or energy to do this?

In my house (4 adults) my rotation of dishes represents cuisines from:

  • Northern & Central Europe
  • Mediterranean dishes - particularly Greek, French, Spanish, & Italian
  • Moroccan & Algerian
  • Indian, SE Asian, Chinese & Japanese
  • USA, Mexico & South American dishes

I've never come across a recipe I didn't think I could cook. It's just some are so complex & have so many steps & processes it really is just about time & energy.

I made a Oaxacan black mole recipe from my Rick Bayliss cook book; it was insane the number of ingredients & processes to get the sauce done in the end. It tasted superb but it was a whole weekend in the making!

Rick Bayless' recipe for state dinner black mole

We eat anything, no restrictions or exclusions. I own really every thing I need to cook from:

  • specialty pots, pans, woks & dutch ovens
  • an assortment of bakeware
  • a pressure cooker/slow cooker
  • rice cooker,
  • A tagine
  • 2 x Sous Vide immersion circulators
  • A panini press & a Breville toasted sandwich maker
  • Gas & coal BBQ's & a hot smoker
  • Not to mention my food processors, mixers, strainers, potato ricer, mandolin, cook's & butcher's knives.

Oh yes, I know cooking. In fact I love cooking, mainly baking cakes and preparing desserts are my favorite hobby. My mom is a very good cook. When I was a child I stared at her all day while she is cooking. It's just like feeling in heaven while tasting her food. She always tried to experiment some new dishes and my entire family complimented her for these new try and encouraged her. From her I started my cooking lessons. She taught me all her cooking tips and secrets. All the cooking skill what I have today is from my mom and I really enjoy while cooking. I think all must try to cook at least some basic dishes.

I'm pretty sure ‘cooking' is viewed as different. Chefs might think that cooking would regard to someone brewing up a meal while a bachelor might feel cooking would would be some egg and coffee. Either way, yes. I can cook.


I have about 2500 files in "cookbook" on my computer. From easy things like eggs over easy to Black pudding


1 litres blood of wild boar


300 g fat wild boar, cubed

1.5 large onions, diced

300 g oatmeal, soaked

1 tbsp paprika

1 tbsp butter

1. Heat the butter in a pan and cook the onions until soft but not browned.

2. Mix the onions with the cubed fat and oatmeal. Mix well and season with salt, pepper and the paprika.

3. Add the blood and mix well with your hands to ensure a sloppy consistency. Leave to cool.

4. Pipe the mixture into the ox casings. At regular intervals tie the bag off to make individual sausage-shaped black puddings. Prick each pudding to ensure it doesn't split whilst being cooked.

5. Heat a large pan of water to 80C and add the black puddings. Cook for about 10 minutes; it is vital that you continually move them around while cooking.

6. Remove from the pan and leave to cool.

I also have about 250 E cookbooks, so I'll TRY cooking anything you bring over

even this


READY IN: 1608hrs

SERVES: 3500



1 medium elephant

2(50 gallon) containers broth

500lbs assorted fresh vegetables, chopped

2 rabbits (optional)


Cut elephant into bite-size pieces.

This takes about 2 months.

Using large kettles, simmer equal parts elephant and vegetables with enough broth to cover.

Cook for a couple days.

If more are expected add the rabbits, but do this only if necessary.

Most people don't like to find hare in their stew.

Is it immoral for one person to make a billion dollars per year?

It depends on how you make it - legally, morally? Making money is not immoral. Some of the richest men and women in history have been followers of God and blessed by Him. Its whether you worship money and make it through immoral means, not the money itself that matters.

Would anyone recommend buying a smart Fortwo car?

If style is what you're looking for and you want to look different, then I guess it is a reasonable choice. But I personally would go for a Ford or a Hyundai or Volkswagen. They are cheaper to afford, cheaper to maintain, have more space, and although their size isn't as ‘smart' as

Were there others who created a successful prototype or an airplane before the Wright brothers did, but who somehow did not get the recognition?

I came across an article on internet, according to which Shivkar Bapuji Talpade  in Mumbai, India constructed and flew an unmanned plane in 1895 , 8 years before the Wright brothers did. I feel there could have been similar such attempts across the world. After all, ability to fly must have