Do you know how to sail a boat?

Yes in high school, my friend Dennis and I raced 12′ Hobie Cat catamaran on Lake Wallenpaupack during the summers of ‘66 and ‘ 67. Tight turns, quick winds and reckless opponents honed our turns on the tiller and the sheet. My wife loved sailing but on slightly bigger craft. We rented a 37' sailboat for a day on the Chesapeake in ‘87. It was glorious, but we never did it again. Today I still know how to sail but it might take a bit for me to regain my sea legs and get the feel of the tiller again.

Hi Guy, thanks for asking me!

I wish I could! I've sadly only went to a few summer classes when I was a small kid - though with my present 18 years of age I'm just a slightly older kid, I guess.

Here in Switzerland, where I am currently studying, sailing is mostly a thing of the rich - both with money and free time.

That said, I've always been fascinated by sailing ships, I've read quite some sea novels and a few books about ships and their history: having a sailing ship of mine, one more similar to an older clipper, a sloop, or even a xebec, than to a modern yacht, still remains one of my dreams!

I hope I do know how to sail. I started sailing in 1954, on a Vaurien dinghy, from Blankenberge, in Belgium and the last time I sailed was ... yesterday, here in Tønsberg, Norway, where I live now. During those years, I sailed nearly all the coasts of Europe. Here is a photo of me, when I crossed the Bay of Biscay in 1976, using a sextant to find my latitude.

I do know how to sail a boat, as to thousands of others..The basics are as challenging as you let them be. You nor anyone else, will ever completely learn how to be perfect in all conditions. Sailing is what you make it. Challenging, easy, crazy,absolutely frightening, and sometimes just plain scared,as well as the most pleasurable thing you have ever expieranced, are amoung the feelings thatyou may see. But mostly, unless you race like I do, its just flat pleasurable, fun, andanything you want it to be


Yes! And all by myself too! I love my 28ft yacht and the exhilaration of taking her out solo in the Hauraki Gulf of Auckland, the city of sails! I particularly love a steady breeze over 20kts where my girl can practically sail herself ! Exhilarating, I thoroughly recommend it!

Well yes. But sailing and seamanship are fairly broad terms. I've crewed a barky to Antarctica. I've pushed a sloop thru the Sea of Cortez. I've hung onto a kayak for dear life in Alaska. I sunk a skiff on a USN naval Base in the Bahamas. Can I sail? Sure, but I'll bet you dollars to rum the wind ain't favoring.

Yes, I know how to sail a boat. But there are many things I do not know about sailing a boat to it's maximum potential. There are a myriad of interconnected variables that, with skill and practice, can squeak out extra speed or angle into the wind. Racing sailors will have a far better grasp of these techniques. I prefer to just make headway without all the stress.

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