Do you like cooking? Have you ever learned how to cook? Who does most of the cooking in your family? What kind of dishes can you cook?

I love cooking. I am self-taught since I first start experimenting at age 10. I continue to experiment and expand my culinary repetoire at almost 40 years old. I do the vast amount of cooking in my house, though hubby will pitch in occasionally, and I'm teaching Teen Boy how to feed himself when he leaves for college next year.

I haven't met a challenge I couldn't cook! I do prefer (in no particular order): Korean, Italian, breads, pastries, Mexican, cake/cupcakes, stirfry, American and more!

As with most who will answer this I too love to cook

My first dish was scrambled eggs under the watchful eye of my Mom at the age of 8. I was on a step stool, terrified.

I can honestly say that this experience led me to culinary school. Seeing the joy that MY eggs served at Sunday breakfast brought to me and my entire family's face...historical.

I now can cook any dish you throw at me, on the fly, thanks to the many mentors and chefs I've had help me in my culinary life (and yes, I still cook scrambled eggs, albeit a little differently than when I was 8...sorry Mom!)

What are the top five categories of rules for a classroom? Are there more? How do you organise classroom rules?

It is important to have two sets of rules.  One for the students and one for the teacher.  I post both sets.  I am not talking about obvious rules like hitting, stealing, cheating.  I am talking about subtle actions that over time the teacher

How do cell phones connect to cell towers?

Our cell phone is a transceiver (transmitter and receiver) and a cell tower is essentially the same. When we make a call on our cell phone, the signal gets picked up by the nearest tower in the cell you are in, which is then relayed to the tower nearest or inside the cell where the phone

Do you think middle/high school students should be able to have a cell phone at school?

I have taught middle & high school since 1993. No. Completely unnecessary, and only adds to the drama, anxiety, and social issues already in play in middle/high schools in the U.S.