Do you live to work or do you work to live?

I live to work.
I have the job I wanted since kindergarten. That's been my life's goal, and I worked through lots of discouragement to achieve it. My work calls upon the skills I've developed for years and years, and it makes me extremely fulfilled to use those skills, which I know are rare. Effectively, my job has become my identity.

I pretty much have no "personal life"; I go home to eat, change, shower, and sleep. I work at least one day every weekend. For decades I've lived alone, in various apartments filled with books. I have a handful of close friends, some of whom are half a world away, as are my mom and sister. They mean a lot to me, but I hardly get to see them. And that's OK with me.
What is your theory about what happens during and after death?

When we die, we return to the collective.Consider a wave rising up off the coast, its ridge emerging from the choppy glass, lengthening, strengthening, cresting- then breaking with a crash onto the shore.  That wave, comprised of those exact water & salt molecules

I'm 6 feet tall and weigh 98 kg. How can I lose weight without going to gym?

1. LOSING WEIGHT WITHOUT A GYM? ONLINE WORKOUTSThere are online alternatives for almost all workouts in the gym. Wear sportswear, computer ready, enough room in your room and go! Whether it is about yoga, pilates, body-hopping, strength training or HIIT tutorials, you can find it all on YouTube and other digital channels. From exercises of a

Are vapes better than cigarettes, health-wise?

I'll probably will not tell you anything new, because you've got your question answered many times, but this fragile theme,