Do you lose weight if you don't eat?

Yes you do. A lot, but it's really risky. Since I know mostly 13-17 year old girls will be reading this because lets be honest who else comes to yahoo answers when in a weigh crisis. Well look no further than this comment if that's the case. Speaking from experience.Yes you do loose weight but,you can pass out in school or really anywhere. Your body does this due to lack of food. First it starts with headaches,then dizziness, then it resorts to fainting.I know because this has happened before to me.Even worst sometimes that's not the case. Sometimes if you starve yourself for long periods of time you could end up doing serious damage to you body and if you continue that could result to death.I know I know. Your thinking right now. "But I'll be skinny right. I can just not eat for not to long and I'll be just fine." Yes, you can loose weight but just think is it really worth it. Is it really worth screwing up your body. Is it really worth nearly death or stomach pains,headaches,the non stop unsteadiness of your shaky body,the feeling of barley being able to push a door open because your to week at times,the endless hunger for how ever long you decide to stay like this. My opinion... No. If you do it I can promise you it will not benefit you in any way what so ever. A matter a fact I was SO depressed when I did this also it made me feel worst everyday I did it. I can also say you will feel like you wasted time on doing it. If your looking to be smaller or loose weigh. There are other ways. When I tried not eating yea it worked for a little while. Then I came close to dying. Very close. To think you can loose your life over this dumb mistake breaks my heart because I know people have. Please don't do it! I strongly suggest you do not try this!! It will hurt you it will not help at all!

If your looking for ways to loose weight I suggest going vegan or just switching to a healthier diet.
I went vegan and I have been the happiest I'v ever been weight and health wise. Also it made me happy knowing I was doing it for a reason. You don't have to try this you can do other things also. If you are unhappy with the way you are DON'T stop eating. Change the way your eating. :D

Why am I not losing weight if I have stuck to a clean diet and regularly go to the gym?

Thanks for the A2A. _/|\_Short Answera) You're doing too much, eating too little, and your thyroid is doing its best to slow down your metabolic rate, and/or;b) You may have a Candida infection.Long AnswerTake it from someone who once weighed 254

How to relieve back pain

Back pain can be the result of different things. Pay your doctor a visit and use some serious time on diagnosing the cause. The right diagnoses will help you avoid worsening your problem and at the same time clarify the right road ahead.Back pain can be brought on

Is Hiking just walking?

Yes, technically – but with the volume turned up. Hiking tends to connote a certain rigorousness that walking is simply not meant to convey. After all, you'd usually say that you walked from your car to the grocery store, and you'd probably