Do you love living in the house you live in?

Yes I love my home. 5 years ago I hired a contracter to take my home down to the studs and rebuild like I want. He did a great job putting in arches and all kinds of other neat stuff. My bathrooms have African Mahogony wood that he custom build to hold the sinks. I love the smooth corners and wonderful paint colors. My friends have told me many times that my home is the nicest home they have ever seen. I think it is because I am clutter free. My friends go from room to room trying to figure out why it looks the way that it does and the answer is clutter free living.

Yes, I do love our home.

While waiting for the economics to align, I spent some free time designing and refining the layout. When the time was right, I acted as general contractor and built the place, using my oversight to add a few small touches as construction progressed.

We moved in just over three years ago, and we're totally satisfied how it all worked out. It's not a big house, but just fine for two people, two dogs, and one old cat.

Have you ever made your counselor cry?

Ohh boy. This was actually hilarious. I was 8 or 9, and forced to go to a therapist by my dad. (My parents had separated about half a year before.) I told him I didn't want to go, but week after week, he brought

What are the most startup friendly countries in Africa?

Rwanda is definitely at the top of the list. It's a fast growing economy with a lot of opportunities to invest in! Kenya and Ethiopia as well.