Do you love love?

I have come to hate love.

Abhor it.

Fear it.

Run away from it.

Why you may ask? Why run away from something that people refer to as "the best feeling in the world" or "once in a lifetime opportunity" or "one of the only thing to live for"?

Because I am dying because of it.

I have loved different people.

I still love this person so much, it hurts even after almost 6 years to his death. He is the person I love the most in the entire world. So bad, the fact that he died at 13, made me sick of my own 14th birthday.

All I did was love him and all he did was hurt me by dying.

I still love this person. She hurt me, manipulated me, dissed me but I prevailed on loving her. Yes it is wrong on so many levels, but I still did. Love is truly blind, you see.

All I did was love her and all she did was wrong me.

I still love this guy, you know. He did all the wrong things to me which for my sanity's sake will go nameless. He destroyed me, was what people call a "monster".

All I did was love him and he destroyed me.

I loved this boy. I truly did. I formed a beautiful relationship with him. I loved him so much. I knew it won't last between us, I knew it for sure. But that didn't stop me from loving him. He lied to me about his past, showed me false photos of his past and lied to me while staring at my face, smiling and caressing it. I never questioned much, he kept lying. I trusted him a lot. But what happened to me always, happened to me again. His lies came out in the world. He ran away, and I had to face the world accusing me of lying his lies.

All I did was love him and he lied on my face, making others think his sins were committed by me.

I loved these 2 people, you know. Loved one of them quite literally once in the past. One of them started loving the feeling of insulting me, calling me "manipulator", "cheater", ""manipulating friend" and god knows what else, just because I could not prove properly that I wasn't the one who lied. It was my boyfriend. I couldn't. The other started showing openly how less she trusted me, gradually breaking my trust on her by showing her lack of trust in me. She went from saying "you lied about him" to "you lied about so many things, I can feel it". It hurt so bad.

All I did was make them both my first best friends and confidantes in years and loved them, and all they did was break me in various ways.

Now, I have come to the point of quitting from love. Abandoning it. Like the many times it abandoned me.

I have started getting confused. What is reality and what falsehood?

I have started going crazy and I have only two options left to me: go insane or die before you go insane.

And I have a very bad feeling love is going to make me do the latter.

Not at all. I think it is a drug like any other drug.

You know, junkies will always ever tell you that what they do is pretty common and natural thing. I would agree but in my humble opinion the after effects of love equal to the after effects of really heavy drug abuse.

Friendship is really much, much more important and valuable throughout our short lives. That's my opinion.

For what is love you have to pay with blood.

If you are willing to pay the price then good for you.

My drug are the friendships, though. I will tell you that friendships are the natural thing.

Love is really overpiced and I am willing to pay for other things instead.

Don't confuse love with sex or sexual attraction though.

Loving love is an awesome thing on its own. I am just neutral about this topic.

Heroin could be nice for a couple of months, it comes from the nature and so on but once it's steadily part of your life it takes away from you. I think the same about love.

Not good, not bad.

You should know the best deeply inside of you. Consider your philosophy and ebrace your drug of choice.

Happy living !


How do I put this... It scares the living heeby-jeebies out of me.

I used to love that emotional rush, the adrenaline, the butterflies, the excitement, the feeling of, "This is something big, let me dive in!"

I was a sweet, naive little thing who tangled with a force too powerful and manipulative and scary for any one person to ever understand.

We both jumped, but he got addicted to the fall, and all I did was get scared.

And then I jumped again and the same thing happened.

And again, and again, and again...

Maybe I'm addicted to the fall, too, and that's why I keep jumping. I don't want to be. That thought is almost as scary as the dreaded forever. I can't handle forever. I can barely handle the concept of tomorrow!

But I want that... magic. I want the smiles, the laughter, the energy, the sparks, the way the world looks when you are in love. It's like there's this sharpness to your senses, like you've been walking around, barely in color, and all of a sudden you can see the lights.

I want to be the heroine of a fairytale, meet my match, the one person that won't trigger my anxiety or fear or any of my emotional issues. I fear the future, the selfishness in me that continues to chase love despite the trail of broken hearts I will inevitably leave behind.

I have a very complicated relationship with love. Love and I desire each other, but love hurts and so I run, despite how much I want it.

So no, I do not love Love, but I want to. I wish I was capable of loving Love. I hope I will be someday. Anyone who can give me the secret, the trick, the power to get past this... they would be giving me the greatest gift in the history of the world.

Yeah I love Love, it comes in many forms. Like whenever I try wiping my little brother's face and he smiles at me than runs away, when I go to the library and look at books hoping to find one that reaches into my soul, or when I see babies on the bus and they grin at me with their little teeth showing, sometimes remembering those days where I first started learning about love and how precious and delicate it was. In its own way it's all beautiful and charming.

I love Love because it comes in places you don't expect it to be.

Yes,Jehovah is Love.

I love love.. Because.. ..

1 it taught me that life without love is vacant.

2 it showed me the sweetness in forgiving someone

3 it made my heart filled with emotions

4 it clarified that it never ends

5 it gave an assurance that it will never leave me(like energy transforms but never destroyed.. .. in the same way love comes to us in different ways to us but it will not die)

6. It gave me infinite relationships( my pets too)

7. It showed me a correct path and took me far away from black path called hatred.

8. It told me how to win others heart and how to be happy always

So... how can I live without loving love. ..

Yes I do.

Love is a great feeling to have. Feeling love is nice. And also being in love.

And also I love love because I get to love you, Marco. <3

Being in love with you feels amazing and I love you.

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