Do you need a cell phone in the business world?

I think that you absolutely do. The business world is so competitive. Mobility and flexibility help to keep you ahead of the competition. With a cell phone, you are able to respond to calls and emails from anywhere. You can also do banking, edit documents, scan, fax, and do a lot of other business-related tasks right from your cell phone. If you have a virtual phone number for your business, you can also have calls made to your office phone number forwarded to your cell phone, ensuring that you do not miss any important calls. Missed calls could mean a loss of business and profit.

Virtual phone number providers include United World Telecom, Avoxi and Grasshopper.

Definitely you need a cellphone/mobile in the business world as the world is moving towards technology at a fast pace and many people are doing business dealings on cellphones and on smartphones via video calls.

You can also manage your business advertisement via a smartphone.

You can also make your own business website to attarct people so that they can have a better idea about your business before dealings.

There are many other facilities provided by the Smartphone.

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I smell a partner question. This one is too obvious.

Yes, by all means, a cellular telephone is an indispensable business tool that every successful individual has at least one phone on them at all times. If not, the phone is given off to a most trusted individual to field questions while the phone's owner is taking a well-deserved break or enjoying some family downtime.

Just like the pager was in the 80's, the cellular telephone is the must-have device over anything else.

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Definitely. A cell phone can help you stay connected with your work even when you are not physically there. You can help sort out issues that otherwise might have not been done unless you came about to it the next time you were in office.

Helps you complete your work on your cell phone. Could be as simple as replying to E-mails.

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