Do you need to investigate a missing person?

Yes, law enforcement is required to investigate a missing person after they are found. This is because that person may have been kidnapped, but they haven't found the kidnapper yet, so they could have information on where the kidnapper may be. Also, sometimes the missing person in question may have just ran away, causing a lot of people to go out there way, and spend a lot of money to find that person.

It could be a good idea to use resources on your own before or after the police do their investigation but not during. It could conflict and confuse those questioned and make it more difficult for police.

I have a Blackberry phone. Can the Bluetooth in it detect hidden cameras in bathrooms?

I have a Blackberry phone. Can the Bluetooth in it detect hidden cameras in bathrooms?Only if the cameras use a Bluetooth connection (I don't know of any that do, it has very limited range), and that connection is set to be

How would a 2 state solution work in South Africa?

A 2 state solution for what, who and why op?Cause as far as I know South Africa is not like Israel, illegally building settlements on a marginalised groups designated lands or unless you know something I don't.Cause the only marginalised group I know are the Khoi

What do you wish you never had to do again?

Take out the damn garbage.First of all, I have to remove the full garbage bag from the kitchen trash can and set it aside where the cats will try to bite holes in it.While that is happening, I'm wrestling with the new bag, trying