Do you prefer watching or playing sports?

Yes ,I prefer mostly playing sports than watching sports because it makes our heath healthy than watching sports. I select both types. There are many benefits for playing sports. One of the man advantage of the playing is that, we can maintain our body as well as health while, if we can watch sports or other things on television so it directly affects our eyes. Another merit is that, if we choose to play outdoor games such as cricket, volleyball and badminton and so on. These type of games improve our mind and in future you'll get a chance to play in national or other tournaments so you'll become as a great sport person in your life and you'll be famous in your state or city where you live.

On the other side there are few benifits of watching games. Firstly, you will get knowledge about games which you like or not like. Secondly, you will know sport person which player play good or not good, they will be have your favourite sport person.

In my point of view, I prefer to play games for my health, in contrast, I also select to watch but little bit for our knowledge purpose.

Why Do I Need a Better/Lighter Road Bicycle to Train For 'Fitness'?

You don't. You need a fancy road bike to be a show-off and (once you are fit) have a slaightly easier time keeping up with other fit riders. You need a bike which is reliable and comfortable to ride, for fitness. Comfortable in a road bike) means:Bicycle fits

What does your favorite cardio workout entail?

Two things. One is a bit glib but still the truthSets of 10–20 squats are cardio like no other. Have fun feeling like you're gonna dieOn a more consistent basis would be sprint/jog/walksI like to do a 20 second all-out sprint as fast as I can, then I either