Do you regret having children at the ages you did? Why?

Thanks for the A2A Koketso!

The answer to your question is both yes and no!

Yes there are times when I look around and see girls my age, moving up in their profession. When I have to excuse myself out of every after-work invite. When I have to refuse pre-authorized promotions. When my 20-something colleagues are having fun and I realize I had 3 babies when I was that age. When I can't find time to write which is my passion. When I have to give up on every hobby I pick up. When I can't force myself to the wants and needs of my children. When I can't move to a bigger house because private school is more important. When I can't get my dream car although affordable. When my back hurts. When I am sick and still running errands. When I feel light headed and continue to cook. When I do not get time to pray, trim my nails, brush my hair or have my pills. That is when I regret having children so young, when I had all the potential and opportunities to excel, to be the star, to enjoy my teen years and after, to live the life I wanted and I could have!

And no- I feel it was my destiny to have children and grow with them. To be there for them. To share my hobbies with them. To be known as their older sister. To be old enough to tell them right from wrong and to be young enough to enjoy what they think is cool. To be able to raise children that are loved by all.

So simply put, circumstantial negativity may overcome sometimes. After all I am a human. But then number 3 comes running and hangs onto my legs, asking me to bend down so he can give me a BIG kiss and a BIG hug and tell me ‘Amber you are so cute'. And that is when I want to have number 4.

Somebody stop me!

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