Do you remember the first time you were arrested?

In '69 I was serving on a very remote communications site. One day Bill and I took a jeep from base camp and went to company hq (26 miles away). On the way back we stopped at Camp Carrol to go to the PX to pick up a few things. I had to use ration stamps to buy some of the stuff for the other guys on the site so I had some loose ration stamps as well as my own ration book. Just after paying for everything a 45 was put into my back and I was ordered to put my hands behind me. I was handcuffed and thrown into a jeep, I told Bill to call the sgt major and tell him what happened.

When I was hauled in front of a MP Lt I tried to explain but he just said I was going jail for what I did. bout 2 hours later I could hear a commotion in the office and the CID guy who arrested me brought me back into the Lt's office where I was turned loose with the admonition this is not over. I told him he would do well to listen next time.

That Lt ended up being very sorry for what he did, he got the riot act read to him by 8th army and reminded those bars meant he was supposed to think before acting.

A couple of weeks later I found that CID sgt's jeep parked outside a whorehouse in an area that was off limits to everybody. We took his windshield and two of his wheels (plus the jack) and threw them in the back of our truck - I could just picture him explaining that to his idiot Lt.

What do you need to do before traveling?

There is a whole process you need to follow before traveling, the first thing to start with is your passport, do you have a valid passport? If no, apply for the one without any delay. Then, decide the destination you want to explore, there are many beautiful places around the world, but applying visa for a particular destination

How did Norway become a country?

On 26 October 1905 Norway separated from Sweden after a period of intense dissatisfaction, and democratically voted to become a kingdom under Haakon VII The Norwegian independence referendum resulted in an overwhelming "Yes"vote (99,95 of the  voters voted in favour

How is NJ's high property tax justified inspite of high state tax and sales tax?

Elect me and I will fight to cut taxes across the board! Nj needs a plan. What are our priorities? We pay high property taxes, yet the quality of our schools are subpar. We shouldnt put public school teachers out of work, but we should examine why we dont have quality public education.I am not formulating