Do you support intercaste marriage and why?

She married him. Next day she saw,him drinking tea with cigarette ash in it!Her head reeled. But kept quite.

He married her. After one month he observed that she was sitting behind a stranger one's back ,on a bike,while coming back from market,in his absence. And it was a routine!When he told her not to do so,she just laughed and said,what is wrong in it.

Man,the marriage is not between two castes. It is between two hearts and cultures.

Take six months time. Study culture of ,would be. Not GOI issued caste certificate. It may get you job, promotion, benefits. Not heart or co-living method.

What are the best texts exposing formerly top-secret religions or cults?

You have already figured out from Google search that it is almost impossible to find a non-fiction, serious, well-documented, current book on the topic.A complete answer to why this is true tells you about distortions in information flow that are more interesting than anything about

Is it okay to explain to your husband after marriage that you don't want kids?

Absolutely okay Never is good than late.Here is my story i am strong and independent women not because I earning well back not now but i also bery open minded person since my schooltime everytime I fought with everyone with anykind of cast system, some unjustified topic or anything, college time is like normal teenager time , Love time

I have run anything from a 5k to a half marathon. My top mileage put in is 18 miles. Took 6 month hiatus and lost my running partner. How do I get back into loving running again?

Consider running for a cause. There are many charitable organizations that support team running. Part of the individual fund raising effort includes doing creative things such as social gatherings. If you like running partners, team running might be good. I did one and got some good professional training as well as meeting a few friends along the way.