Do you think Marvel Phase 4 will lead to Secret Wars?

I agree, the Secret Wars arc from 1984 will be an awesome big screen adaption, however, I think it is still too soon.

The next big threat will most likely be Secret Invasion. It was announced at SDCC 2017 that the Captain Marvel movie will feature the Skrulls as the antagonists of the film. This could be Marvel setting up the Invasion as the next big crossover event and the Skrulls as the big bad villains would live up to Infinity War's Thanos.

If DC movies are director-driven, what is Marvel Studios approach to movie making?

Marvel head honcho Kevin Fiege has a laid out plan for all the directors that works on MCU. It doesn't mean they don't have any input in their movies but all movies should work like a chapter in greater narrative.Marvel is like a TV show,

Who should never try to become a businessman?

A businessman is a self employed person. He fails a hundred times and succeeds once. He falls and stands up again. He is persistent towards his goals. Seeks opportunity and actions it. He invests and he losses and he invests again and recover his

If you escaped prison 20 years ago, would you still have to go back to prison?

Absolutely!I've written about this before in another of my answers. I'll touch on that briefly here. See my