Do you think Melania Trump is actually attracted to Donald Trump?

Melania Trump like the two Trump Wives that preceded her signed a prenuptial agreement... Trump was schooled in these matters by his late Attorney the infamous Roy Cohn...

Likely it spells out exactly how little she will walk with if she divorces Trump and it probably spells out other obligations she has in her "service" to Trump.... I expect that this document is very detailed and restrictive...

Look at it this way... she got exited when she noticed that enormous bulge in his pants......

His wallet..

And the only way she gets close to that bulge in his pants ... is to stay married to him...

Do I think she is actually attracted to him?


He is worth far more to her dead than he is alive... and so what defines the optimum situation for her happens to be congruent for America and the world as well. We would all be better off without him than with him.

Melania has her only child with Donald Trump. I think she is post-menopausal, so Barron will be her only biological child. She obviously loves her son very, very much. He needs his mother to raise him (as do most children) and particularly in this situation.

I doubt it even matters if she is attracted to Donald Trump at this point. Trump is the father of her only child. She wants her son to have a father and extended family. Melania's parents very recently became American citizens and moved here. That is good, as Barron will now have maternal relatives. Regardless, it is good for her son to see that his parents are devoted and loving as he goes through adolescence. I think Melania can be attracted to Donald Trump with sufficient authenticity to keep her marriage together and provide a stable home life for her son.

In a way yes. Hear me out, most women are attracted to money, so is she definitely attracted to him probably not. Think about it this way how many ugly billionaire men have beautiful women as wives or girlfriends? If Trump were poor Melania probably wouldn't look twice at him.

Anything is possible, and love is blind. That being said, it is hard to imagine a beautiful young model being attracted to a fat old ugly man who is a cheating jerk and a pathological liar and narcissist, and maybe even a psychopath.

I suspect that the initial attraction was to his money and his seeming social power.

These days, I think that the "attraction" is to be able to keep her son and not get cut out of the prenup requirements.

No. She attracted to his money.

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