Do you think Melania Trump is similar to Claire Underwood?

I've made comparisons between Melania Trumps and Robin Wrights manner of dress and facial expressions. They both have that squinting look

But the similarities stop there. Melania doesn't seem at all interested in Trumps a career or political ambitions. She doesn't show any ambitions to parley her own professional career into politics.

Melania's ambition was to do enough Maxim photo shoots to live comfortably and when she had the chance to be a billionaires third wife, she took it.

Her long term goal is probably to get Baron into Georgetown.

Claire Underwood is a vicious political opportunist with the social skills, manipulative edge and backstabbing talents to get what she wants.

Melania is a grim former model whose main hobbies these days are hiding from Donald and berating herself for not insisting on a more comprehensive pre-nuptial agreement.

Don't seem all that similar to me.

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