Do you think President Trump loves Melania?

He loves her the way he loves all that gaudy gold leaf in his penthouse and Mar-a-Lago: a much younger trophy wife and the gold leaf are proof that he's The Great One (with apologies to Jackie Gleason).

He told Howard Stern that he agreed to "let" her have a baby if she promised she would quickly regain her pre-pregnancy figure after Barron's birth. Can you imagine how he'd react if she were found to have breast cancer? What if she had to undergo chemo or a mastectomy? I think she'd be in the hospital with only Barron and her parents for company while Donald was playing golf.

Love plays no role in the Trump's relationship. It is not now, nor has it ever been, a factor.

I do not believe that Donald is capable of loving anyone, and for her part, Melania does not love Donald either.

I believe that as soon as her contractual obligations to Donald are complete, and she is able to extricate herself from that dysfunction, she is going to screw some lucky guys brains out, almost killing him. Imagine going years, probably more than 10, without any sexual

I'm not sure if he is in love with Melania, but I hear he has a thing for Melanie.

Donald Trump finds himself involved in a 71 year love affair with Donald J. Trump. He has always felt that Donald deserves to have a beautiful woman on his arm and Melania is the latest arm candy. He found her much less attractive after the birth of Barron and seems to have discovered that women are willing to entertain him when he wishes, particularly when there is a cash settlement awaiting them at the end.

So, in the end, love for Melania as a breathing living person has very little to do with it. And she understands that completely

I think he does

The only person Trump loves is Trump - everyone else is supporting cast at best.

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