Do you think Stan Lee wants his digital likeness to be used in Marvel comic book movie cameos after he passes away?

I think the better question is does his audience want that? Do audiences want that?

Artists come and go, and have now since forever. We only recently discovered we have the technology to bring people "back" from the dead. Much of Stan Lee's image and mythology existed because of his TV appearances. His cult of personality exists because he moved to Los Angeles, unlike his many collaborators, and became immersed in celebrity culture. There's a certain amount of ego involved in that. Celebrities are, whether intentional or not, trying to live on after they die. They're creating archives that can be watched and enjoyed effectively until the end of time.

I think there's an ethics involved. Should an artists work end with his death? My answer is yes. Stan's dead, and part of the process is accepting that he is dead and moving on.

I also believe with his death that we need to honor the others that have passed: specifically Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko. When I read comics in the 80s, and those two were still alive, it was understood that they did 90% of the work. That Stan only contributed dialogue, and sometimes not even that. Stan Lee was often seen as lazy, someone who had other aspirations, and wanted to move on from the comic community (he specifically wanted to be a novelist). He only worked on comics because of family connections. He was also fond of taking credit for characters he did not even work on, like Captain America, and sometimes bafflingly characters like Wolverine, who were created after he left.

Stan Lee was ever the boastful promoter though, and did brand these creations in a way that DC was far less successful at doing.

I think perpetuating his existence is actually a bit of a slap in the face to Kirby and Ditko, who often only show up in the comic pages, if they show up at all. If anything maybe they should digitize those artists and start cameo-ing other creators who are still with us, like Jim Starlin, who is obviously important to Infinity War. It would be nice to see the MCU step up to the plate and start spreading the wealth around. Honestly, I think Stan Lee would've wanted that. I don't see Stan Lee as selfish. But he did take advantage of a selfish business, and in all honesty, perhaps many of us would've done the same if the opportunity arose itself.

Maybe in the search to replace him we'll start getting more Late Night appearances, like Alex Ross on Seth Meyers. Maybe we'll get more cameos, and other creators can finally get the face time they deserve. Maybe we'll stop seeing Stan Lee's name attached to everything, particularly when the movie isn't even about characters he created, like Venom, Deadpool, Infinity Stones or the [modern] Guardians of the Galaxy. Maybe Chris Claremont and John Byrne can show up in Marvel's X-Men movie. Maybe John Romita Jr and Todd MacFarlane can walk on in Spider-Man. Maybe The Thing can interact with an actor playing Jack Kirby. I sincerely hope that's what they do, instead perpetuating the myth of Stan being the brains behind everything.

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See it goes like this the particular character belongs to the studio which owns the lead character/series in which the character debuted first , As galactus debuted Fantastic Four #48 (1966) and the rights of fantastic 4 remain with 20th century fox hence galactus belongs to them and as you