Do you think Waymo would be able to compete with Tesla?

Waymo is not a direct competitor with Tesla's main line of business, manufacturing electric vehicles. Waymo is rather a technology company for self-driving cars.

Both Waymo and Tesla are developing self-driving technology. Waymo's technology is advanced and credible. So far as I am aware, Tesla has not offered any self-driving technology to third parties.

It is conceivable that both Tesla and Waymo will seek partnerships with other car companies to provide self-driving technology, or Waymo could go into the car manufacturing business. Then we might talk about competition.

Why do people look at their cell phones while walking?

Because they don't think it is dangerous, maybe from past experience of doing it and surviving (normally with no harm to themselves what so ever). They may cause harm or inconviennce to others, but that may go unnoticed and thus not change future

How will diversity within the classroom influence how we learn?

In the history of American education the only time measured quality increased for all students was during the eighteen years we had busing to increase integration into a diverse classroom. This practice ended wildly in the late 80's. Disparities in education have widened since. Classroom diversity is more important then any teacher, method