Do you think aliens walk among us?

Yes indeed. At last estimate about 11,000,000 or so are here. We have every race, color and creed. Everything but little green ones. And these alien invaders are growing in numbers faster than the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Apparently these parasitic aliens have mind control powers since many of the places they invade seem to lose all common sense and welcome them with open arms by declaring sactuary cities. They blend in and then grow and multiply without worry until they completely take over by overwhelming and sucking the life out of education, medical and social services.

While it is hard to prove this one.

Based from what we know in actual science fact not from those dodgy "news" sources so common these days.

If before we thought that the Solar System is the only place with planets now exoplanets are common place...statistically it is therefore plausible that with the sheer number of planets found and the plausible number of more existing...then it is highly likely there is life elsewhere i nthe universe. May it be just bugs, or the analogy of dinosaurs for them. The odds are greater and much more certain that there is some other form of life outside earth.

It is possible also that aliens had visited the earth before and even interacted with us in some covert way.

I just hope that if there are aliens with much more superior technology would not find us appetizing as we are going to be surely messed up.

No, I do not. I am certain there is all kinds of life, all over the universe, but I don't they're here because

  • The universe is unimaginably huge. I only believe there is life out there because there are kajillions of stars, but the vast majority of the stars do not probably have planets with life.
  • A small percentage of those planets have sentient life.
  • An extremely small percentage of those planets are advanced enough to travel many light years.
  • They are also less likely to come from anywhere nearby, in terms of light years.
  • Who would travel all that distance and not introduce themselves?
  • I know we send out radio waves, but earth really is a spec of dust in the universe.
  • Who would want to hang out with humans?!

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