Do you think anything will replace computers in the near future?

For many people, smartphones already have. (I'm typing this on mine, only because my desktop computer died last week and I'm still in the process of replacing it). But anything in big business or in government involving record-keeping will likely always require big mainframe computers running 20-year-old software, because that's the only way the records can be stored, accessed and updated.

No human tool has extended human potential as has the computer- and I am including it in all its forms, e.g., the internet, the cellphone, AI/ML, robotics, etc., etc. So, the answer is no- simply because since the 20th century, to be human is to compute!!

Well, there are computers, and there is computing. There is every probability that the hardware doing the processing will evolve dramatically even in the next ten years. The act of processing will also evolve but will never go away.

It's safe to say that the gap between smartphones and low-end PCs has now closed. I personally think that the future will be a place where all devices are connected in some way and if something has a display, it'll have the ability to provide us a portal to access the apps and programs we want to use, regardless of its form factor.

Will there be large beige or grey boxes on everyone's desk at home or at their office? Likely not. Will there be devices of some manner that perform similar functions? Absolutely!

Smart phones and tablets are a perfect case in point. Are they computers? Yes, but we don't think of that way.

I'm curious to see what comes next.

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