Do you think it's better getting married at age 30 or age 40?

Unless you are a woman who is really keen to have children and raise a family, urgency is not the question here.

Every successful marriage comes down to the same important factor. Two compatible people meeting and having a lot about each other that they like.

And can see themselves in the same house/apartment, the same living-room, the same bathroom, the same bedroom together - and are happy with that.

Women who want children and a family shouldn't really be waiting till they are past 40, as there are all sorts of physical problems involved, and kids are also better off with younger fathers who can relate better to their physical activities (although - bear in mind that grandparents are often called upon to bring up their grandchildren and often do a better job than the parents did - so age isn't always a no-go).

The most important thing, I repeat, is to find the right person. And if that means waiting, so be it.

What is a good intense 10-15 minute kettlebell workout I could do after work?

First of all: Kettlebell complexes don't choose gender. You either do one or you don't. Weight varies but some guys can't get past 24 kg while some girls lift 48 kg.With that said, I have an arsenal of kettlebell complexes you might fancy. Granted each one is meant to be done

Do most short girls prefer really tall men? And why?

I can't answer for all women. Only for myself. I am short. I don't prefer tall men. Though, to me, all men are tall, even the short ones. I couldn't care less about their height. For some reason, however, it seems mostly very tall men

How did Mark Zuckerberg manage to own 25% of Facebook?

General answer, not pertaining to Zuckerberg specifically.Usually when startups grow, they need more money to increase the rate of growth, and get it by selling some percent of the company to investors.An example for a very good growth startup fund